Sessions Endorses Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel; Slaps Trump in FACE Claims 'Extraordinary Circumstances' Required for 2nd Special Counsel DO NOT Exist

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By Ben Barrack

It is clear that the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is running the Department of Justice (DOJ); his boss is not.

Attorney General and figurehead Jeff Sessions has decided that a second Special Counsel to investigate FISA court abuses and the Deep State isn’t needed. His argument is that the need for one doesn’t meet the standard for one. However, a Special Counsel already exists. Hence, Sessions must think that Special Counsel does meet the standard.

It’s being led by a former FBI Director who has more reason to recuse himself from his investigation than Sessions does. The entire purpose of that investigation is to frame the President; it’s clearer every day.

As such, Sessions must view that one as being necessary because he allows it to continue.

Sessions Slaps Trump in Face

When Sessions penned a letter justifying his refusal to appoint a second Special Counsel, he slapped Donald Trump in the face. Sessions justified his decision by insisting that these are not “extraordinary circumstances” which warrant a Special Counsel.

As a result, Robert Mueller’s investigation must meet Session’s litmus test, simply because it exists. Sessions’s Deputy, Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller.

Furthermore, Rosenstein named Mueller as head of Special Counsel to investigate Trump. Rosenstein is also a co-conspirator in the FISA abuses. He signed one of the applications presented to the FISA court, which asked for a warrant to spy on Trump campaign and administration officials.

Yet, Sessions insists that a second Special Counsel is not needed in order to investigate FISA abuses by the FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ). In fact, the man Sessions appointed to look into FISA abuses – Utah U.S. Attorney John Huber – will report to Rosenstein and was an Obama appointee.

Especially relevant is his excerpt from the Sessions letter:


Sessions Obstructing Justice

Here is a list of some (not all) FBI and DOJ officials who’ve either resigned, been demoted, or were outright fired, since Trump took office:

FBI Director James Comey
Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe
Acting Attorney General Sally Yates
Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr
FBI Agent Peter Strzok
FBI Agent Lisa Page
U.S. Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand
FBI Chief of Staff James Rybicki
FBI General Counsel Jim Baker

Comparatively, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is the only person connected to Mueller’s investigation who left the Trump administration. Most noteworthy is that the FISA abuse scandal implicates the Obama DOJ that investigated Flynn. This means Huber has an even bigger conflict of interest. In addition to reporting to a co-conspirator in FISA abuse, he’s investigating the administration whose president made him U.S. Attorney.

Furthermore, Strzok is one of the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn. That interview is at the heart of what Flynn pled guilty to – lying to a federal agent.

‘Extraordinary Circumstances’

Think what Trump must be thinking. Right now, Mueller is investigating his campaign’s ties to Russia. Sessions has washed his hands of it. With his letter, he also endorsed it.

After more than a year, Mueller’s investigation is a steaming pile of scam. ‘Extraordinary circumstances’ were not necessary for Rosenstein to appoint him. In fact, the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ are the ones that Sessions is ignoring. In the name of honor and integrity, Sessions has made the DOJ more corrupt.

By arguing that the facts in the FISA Abuse scandal are not ‘extraordinary’, Sessions is saying that the Mueller investigation is based on ‘extraordinary circumstances’.

This is proof positive that Trump should throw caution to the wind and fire his Attorney General. Sessions is either corrupt, compromised or both.

At this point, giving him the benefit of the doubt means that he is being threatened.

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