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By Lynn Woolley

FOX News Channel is the big loser in the Times’ article about how senators Schumer and Rubio tried to fix the news. It is plausible to believe that FOX News agreed to work with them, and therefore adjusted the commentaries of Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity.

But the attempt to win over Rush Limbaugh – all off the record – is a different matter.

On his Monday radio show, Limbaugh took the time to play clips of himself – and others talking about him—to prove that he never buckled from his opposition to amnesty. In fact, he often referred to Lindsey Graham as “Senator Graham-nesty.” That is how I remembered it. Rush defended his own honor quite well. But FOX News has some explaining to do. Conservatives have noticed a softening at FOX that is borne out by bad poll results from FOX’s audience.

Audio: Bad quality but turn it up and you can hear Rush’s reply to the NYT.

FOX News Channel still has the big numbers – but not the trust.

FOX News still crushes CNN and considers MSNBC as a mere nuisance. BUT – the network’s standing among Republican viewers is at a 3-year low according to research from YouGov BrandIndex. How much of this drop is due to the network’s attitudes on illegal immigration and amnesty is a mater of conjecture.

According to the Times, after the meetings, hosts O’Reilly and Hannity became “more supportive” of the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill. If that is true – and if the story gets legs, both hosts are damaged along with the network. On his Monday show, Hannity called the article a bald-faced lie and said it never happened. Hannity stated that he opposed the amnesty bill and said he’s becoming disenchanted with Marco Rubio over his comedic attacks against Donald Trump.

Hannity was, in his words, “pissed off” by the article and believes his character is being assassinated. “I don’t like being lied about,” he said to Big Time A. J. in Houston.

Video: Published on Jun 20, 2013 – Taking the Democrats at their word, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly defended the Gang of Eight immigration bill on his show Thursday night, much to the frustration of his fellow Fox News anchor, Laura Ingraham.

The secret meetings.

The Times says that Rubio eventually joined a bipartisan push for the immigration overhaul. That means that he jumped in bed with Chuck Schumer, a liberal senator from New York to ram the bill through. He was so cooperative that the Democrats co-opted him to be a spokesman for Republicans in the attempt to manage talk show hosts. They particularly wanted him to appeal to Limbaugh.

So there was dinner at News Corp headquarters followed by an outreach to Limbaugh with Rubio serving as the ambassador to conservative media. Both Rubio and Graham were Gang of Eight members. There were 4 Democrats and 4 Republicans in the gang. Blowback from Talk Radio – not from FOX News – and the Republican base eventually forced Rubio out of the group.

The Times says around March 9, 2011 – pretty early in the cycle – Sen. Schumer and Sen. Graham met for lunch at the Palm Restaurant in Manhattan. In a private room, they dished out their case to News Corp president Rupert Murdoch, FOX News head Roger Ailes, and Rush himself. The idea was to neutralize the impact of Talk Radio and Talk Cable TV.

Video: Published on Feb 23, 2016 – This is recent Rubio. See if you think he’s any better on this issue now than he was during the days of the Gang of Eight.

You’ll recall the George W. Bush effort for “comprehensive immigration reform,” also known as “amnesty,” in 2007 and how Talk Radio killed it. Our own show sponsored the “Rumble at the Ranch” that brought in hosts from across the nation to the Bush ranch in Crawford, Texas to oppose Bush on amnesty. It worked. Amnesty was stopped dead in its tracks. So four years later, the Status Quo was trying to head off Talk Radio at the pass. Rubio enlisted in the battle in late 2012 or 2013 and became the Gang of Eight’s point man.

When we go behind closed doors, then we let our hair hang down!

There were also attempts to influence the Frontbencher (Mark Levin) and Laura Ingraham. These hosts will no doubt address the issue. Levin can be nasty to his listeners – but (in my opinion) he is untouchable on the issues. I don’t hear Ingraham enough to know – but I suspect that she is also firm in her resolve.

The bottom line here is that certain members of the Establishment — on both sides of the aisle – that want illegal immigration for their own purposes – have no compunction against trying to “manage” those of us in media. If they CAN do it, they WILL do it. And now you know why I never take any favors, including free lunches, from the political class.

All you need to know from this little incident is…

When Rubio and Schumer tried to “adjust” the tone of conservative hosts on Talk TV and Talk Radio, FOX News gave in – at least according to the Times.  Talk Radio stood strong and defeated amnesty yet again.

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