The RISE of Elizabeth Warren & the DECLINE of Hillary Clinton

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Dec 19, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Elizabeth Warren, the ultra-liberal senator from Massachusetts – is becoming a brand. She stands for “equality,” and is anti-Wall Street.

Warren with Maxine Waters (Photo: Wall Street Journal)

Warren with Maxine Waters (Photo: Wall Street Journal)

Hillary Clinton is known for cattle futures, multiple scandals, and her “what difference does it make” attitude about Americans killed in Benghazi. Most people, when asked about Hillary’s accomplishments, come up blank. She has yet to formulate a vision that might lead to a winning presidential campaign. Elizabeth Warren has no such baggage. She is an open leftist, part of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, and she is a fighter for liberal causes. Move On Dot Org is planning to spend a million dollars on a “draft Warren” campaign. More than 300 lower-level Obama staffers have lined up behind her. Howard Dean’s group – “Democracy For America” is getting behind her. She is Hillary’s worst nightmare.

But she’s NOT the Republicans’ worst nightmare.

Warren appeals to the far, far left base of the Democrat Party. There simply are not enough occupiers to pull her across a finish line in 2016. Ask yourself this question: Do the American people worry about the slumping economy? – or about equality?

Equality is big with Warren, Obama and a few others on the far left. The issue will not win at the polls.

Hillary Clinton’s brand is mostly scandals and Benghazi. She has no real platform and no accomplishments. The idea of her “inevitability” is a joke; she likely will not even get the nomination. As for Warren, she is looking better and better for a repeat of the George McGovern campaign. Liberals got McGovern nominated, but the American people wanted no part of a candidate who was that far to the left. Warren is MORE to the left.

Video: 1972 — Democrats nominate George McGovern.

If the GOP nominates a conservative that will please the base and can relate to party moderates, this election will be hard to lose. The Republican bigwigs can still pull off a loss by nominating Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney. That is what they want to do. 2016 is looking good for conservatives unless the Republican Establishment hands the election over to the Democrats as they have done so many times in the past.

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