Republican Party realignment: It’s now Trump, Cruz, & Establishment

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By Lynn Woolley

The entry of Donald Trump into Republican presidential politics has caused a total reorganization of party loyalties. It brings to mind the great Bob Dylan protest song, “The Times, They Are A-Changing.” Forget about the social or fiscal conservatives, the evangelicals, and the Libertarians.

For now, that’s all over.

There is now a Donald Trump Wing, a Ted Cruz Wing, and the old Establishment Wing.

The Trump Wing is all over the political map and includes rich, poor, Republicans and Democrats. It’s people who are sick of government. The Cruz Wing is what we often refer to as the Conservative Movement. It’s those people who believe in limited, constitutional government. The Establishment Wing is the old graybeards frantically clinging to the Status Quo. This realignment has totally changed the political landscape.

FOX ANCHORS Wallace, Kelly, & Baier moderate debate in Cleveland 8-6-15 (Photo:  Getty Images)

FOX ANCHORS Wallace, Kelly, & Baier moderate debate in Cleveland 8-6-15 (Photo: Getty Images)

Consider the fall of FOX News in the eyes of conservatives.

Donald Trump has a major love affair with FOX News. If he’s not on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren,” he’s on “The O’Reilly Factor.” More likely, he’s on both – and he might show up on “Hannity” too. Without this exposure on FOX News – that none of the other candidates gets in like manner – there would be no Trump phenomenon.

That’s why it’s so bizarre to see the so-called “feud” with FOX News over the one prime time anchor, Megyn Kelly, that nailed him with hard questions. Think about it! Would Trump be where he is with just CNN or MSNBC carrying his interviews? Of course not. He owes FOX News big time.

But he picked the fight with Kelly for publicity purposes, and now he’s got a great deal of the FOX News audience mad at the network that created Trumpism in the first place. Think about how bizarre this is.

Trump & Cruz

Trump & Cruz

American voters who have joined the Trump Wing are mad. They’re mad at Obama, and government, and the Status Quo and they want an outsider. They do not want him harmed or challenged in any way. Megyn Kelly hit him with two extremely embarrassing questions related to his character and his liberal past. Therefore FOX News is bad! Amazing!

Over in Camp Cruz, the old-style conservatives gather!

Cruz is a traditional conservative – unlike Bob Dole, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. He eschews deal making for political expediency and he believes in the Constitution. It seems obvious that this is Cruz’s time – except for the Trump phenomenon.

Were it not for Trump, Cruz might be running away with this nomination. However, were it not for Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer might have another half-dozen Grand Slam titles.

But Trump does exist, and his followers flat-out don’t care what his views are, or whether they’ve changed in a fairly recent timeframe. He is NOT a career politician and he is not politically correct and that’s what they want. Issues don’t matter.

In the Cruz Wing, issues are king. Cruz people point to his consistency as a conservative, and his ideas to restore the traditional values that made America an exceptional country.



Both wings — Trump and Cruz – do not bode well for the old wing – the Establishments.

This wing just likes things the way they are. The Beltway politicians of both parties are united in their fealty to fundraising, working with lobbyists, and maintaining what Cruz calls the “Washington Cartel.” As we’ve reported, members of Congress start out fairly well off and end their careers much wealthier than when they started.

The Establishment Wing is out of favor and is having trouble retaining power.

Possibly, things will revert to Status Quo as usual once this cycle is over – but maybe not. The Establishment is flailing. Trump is now the king of the outsiders. Cruz is the new standard-bearer of the Conservative Movement.

If Trump becomes president, who knows what will happen? Likely he will remake the Establishment. If he fails to become president, he will go back to his business interests and the Trump Wing just might fade away. If Cruz is elected, he will put true conservatives into positions of power, remaking the Establishment in his own image.

If Cruz does not get the nomination, it may not matter in the long run. Cruz is now the leader of the Conservative Movement that we’re now calling the Cruz Wing. Even if he loses, his power is undeniable and he may very well remake the establishment anyway.

Fasten your seatbelts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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