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By Barrack


The 11th Commandment states:

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. – Ronald Reagan

That Commandment is out the window for one reason; the Republican Party became corrupt and threw it out the window.

Pick your issue – the national debt, entitlement programs, spending, going against the will of the people, illegal immigration, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration / terrorism, et. al. The Republican Party establishment is consistently on the wrong side of those issues and has been for years.

Sure, people can point to the presidency of Barack Obama and say that the national debt ballooned on his watch more than on the watches of all other presidents combined. However, save for his first two years, the body of the legislative branch responsible for the government’s purse strings, has surrendered that power and is arguably more responsible for the debt because it has refused to check Obama. When conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee attempt to force the issue, Republican and Democratic establishments join forces to destroy them.

Some 11th Commandment, huh?

Last year, the Republican establishment Speaker John Boehner invited an Imam with very suspicious ties to the Muslim Brotherhood to deliver a Muslim prayer from the House floor.

Speaker Boehner bows head as Imam Chebli delivers prayer.

Speaker Boehner bows head as Imam Chebli delivers prayer.

On its face, Reagan’s commandment makes sense. Internecine warfare is counterproductive and more often than not, benefits outside forces (Democrats). However, the 11th Commandment is built on a premise that says Republicans want to defeat Democrats. Perhaps they do at election time but they never seem to be much interested between election cycles.

In fact, the Republican Party establishment is always more willing to fight its own base much harder than it is willing to fight its true opposition – the Democrats. If anything, it’s the Republican Party establishment that is violating the 11th Commandment. There is already talk of a brokered convention in order for the establishment to defeat front runners Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

Will: Violating 11th Commandmant?

Will: Violating 11th Commandment?

Take a look at the recent panel on a Fox News Sunday program, which was discussing the preceding interview Chris Wallace did with Trump. First up is establishment writer George Will. The petulance he shows for Trump is palpable. Next up is Neera Tanden of the far left-wing Center for American Progress (CAP), a George Soros / John Podesta / Van Jones outfit. It’s noteworthy that SHE calls Trump ‘outrageous’ and in so doing, finds common cause with Will, who clearly violated the 11th Commandment. Then, it’s over to establishment Kingmaker Karl Rove, whose job increasingly seems to be to protect the Bushes and the Establishment – which includes Hillary Clinton, by the way. Rove tellingly decides to attack Trump for his Muslim Ban Plan (more on that after the video). Another liberal on the panel is a Washington Post writer named Charles Lane, who finds himself in agreement with every other panelist when it comes to Trump.

So, who is speaking ill of whom here?

So did you see what Rove’s big issue was? He put himself on the same side as every Republican presidential candidate against Trump on the Muslim Ban Plan. As I’ve maintained, where Trump went wrong is in not identifying the Muslim Brotherhood as the problem, even though that’s largely what he meant – whether he knows it or not.

Rove’s issue here is interesting because he has a huge Muslim Brotherhood problem of his own. It was Rove who decided to enlist the help of stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadists to help get George W. Bush elected in 2000. It was also Rove who allowed Grover Norquist to continue the practice even after 9/11. While it may not be right to criticize Rove then, his refusal to admit it was wrong has only helped to make things worse today.

Rove carrying book authored by Muslim Brotherhood stealth Jihadist circa 2000.

Rove carrying book authored by Muslim Brotherhood stealth Jihadist circa 2000.

While working with George W. Bush in the Texas Governor’s mansion, Rove thought it a good idea to enlist the help of the Muslim community to help Bush win the presidency. In so doing, he welcomed stealth Muslim Brotherhood jihadists into the fold. One photo shows convicted Muslim terrorist Abdurahman Alamoudi and colleagues meeting with Bush and Rove, who can be seen carrying a book authored by a man who helped found the Muslim Brotherhood in the U.S.

In too deep: Norquist Embraced stealth jihadists

In too deep: Norquist Embraced stealth jihadists

Even after 9/11, Rove allowed these stealth jihadists access to the White House and then played stupid when confronted about it, saying he wished he’d have known. Giving him the benefit of the doubt must require that he now DOES know. Yet, he continues to protect the Muslim Brotherhood by avoiding the very dangerous issue of infiltration.

That issue came to the fore in the summer of 2012, when Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and four other members of Congress penned five separate letters to five separate Inspectors General (IG). In those letters, they named names. One of those names was Huma Abedin, whose connections to the Muslim Brotherhood are irrefutable.

Yet, take a look at the list of Republicans who defended Abedin and trashed Bachmann. Note that all of them are of the establishment persuasion:

Senator John McCain (AZ)
Senator Scott Brown (MA)
Senator Marco Rubio (FL)
Speaker John Boehner (OH)
Rep. James Sensenbrenner (WI)
Rep. Mike Simpson (ID)
Rep. Richard Hanna (NY)
Ed Rollins
Rep. Mike Rogers (MI)
Grover Norquist

Consider that Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) – who sits on the House Ways and Means Committee – admitted that the case against Malik Obama being tied to terrorism is “spot on” and has refused to do anything about it.

Whatever the 11th Commandment was, it has morphed into something else in the minds of the Republican establishment. Its current incarnation goes something like:

Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow non-establishment Republican and shall not speak ill of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As to why this is so, Norquist may provide the perfect case study. After the fall of the Soviet Union, which was defeated by the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mujahideen, establishment politicians thought it safe to embrace stealth jihadists. After all, they helped take down the Soviet empire. How bad could they be, right? In Norquist’s case, he partnered with a Muslim who would later be convicted of terrorism to form the Islamic Free Market Institute.

He is certainly not the only one to do so. Both Bush administration’s embraced such figures as did the Clinton administration. Telling the truth would only implicate themselves.

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