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An Epidemic of Kids without Dads
by Sid Fraiser

Those of us that understand the importance of nurturing family should be appalled at the statistics related to number of children born out of wedlock.



As I look at my son and daughter and see their son and daughter, I feel so blessed to have this experience and the memories it creates. Sadly, our daughter lost her husband to a sudden illness, so I see the stress life puts on her as a single mom trying to instill values and provide for her child without a dad. As a grandfather, my role is not to replace my granddaughter’s dad but fill the void as best I can. As she lies there sleeping, I ponder the growing number of little ones without a father figure.

As we see an out of control world turning away from core values like traditional marriage, faith, accountability, work ethic, honesty, respect, gratitude, harmony, and personal responsibility; perhaps we should recognize this parallels the family structure. As we drive to church on Sunday morning we can see more cars at malls, sports fields, and restaurants than anywhere else. Unfortunately, organized religion often places more emphasis on perceived financial values than on family values.

The pop culture glamorizes bad behavior that definitely spreads this disease. The Internet provides images to young minds so they no longer see their body as personal or private. Cell phones replace interpersonal communication skills and physical family activity. It Takes a Village

Government rhetoric like “it takes a village to raise a child” sends a message that parents and families are not essential. Financial incentives make having fatherless children a source of income which further supports the moral decay of the family structure. It is no surprise the lack of roll models and authority figures contribute to a pattern that repeats these cycles of behavior. Statistics show all these factors lead to increased violence, crime, sustained poverty, and dependence as opposed to self reliance.

Perhaps it is time to convert abortion clinics into sterilization clinics like our society demands of stray animals. Obviously, uncontrolled animals can’t be taught to limit their burden on society either.

Several years ago there was a powerful observation about young male African Elephants that is quite relevant to this discussion. It seems one the game preserves was becoming over populated, so the all knowing government decided to move only the young male elephants and their mothers to a newly opened preserve where they could have more room. As it turns out the young males began killing other animals, tearing up the vegetation and terrorizing the people in villages on the preserve. This went on for several months until some perceptive zoologist came up with the idea to introduce a number of bull elephants to the preserve. The story ends with a complete reversal of the behavior of the young males and the valuable lesson that resulted.

You see, this epidemic is societal based; it evolves as social morays and attitudes decline and it continues as long as it is encouraged or rewarded. I can attest to the fact that single parents and their children are faced with tremendous challenges. Some actually overcome the adversity and grow stronger from the experience. I know because I watched my mom struggle as a single parent and victim of divorce trying to raise 3 children. She was strong but life was tough without a dad to spend time with so I had great respect for all she did… we never went to bed hungry thanks to her! Unfortunately, single parent children growing up today aren’t always so lucky.

Where are the politicians, the entertainers, the business leaders, the community organizers, the educators and the church leaders? Have you heard an outcry to unite, to rebuild and to create incentives for traditional family structures? The clear message – Stop rewarding bad behavior and start rewarding positive results!

The United States used to be an example to the world with wholesome family structures that prayed together and stayed together. Just like the elephant story; by taking away the basic foundation, promoting entitlements, allowing moral decay and tolerating this cycle… the problem will only get worse. We are facing a government induced crisis by moving thousands of illegal abandoned children into a system that is already broken. This concept further tares apart the fabric our country while we somehow convince ourselves it is the right thing to do. Ignorance and apathy only fuel this disease that is already reached epidemic proportion. The issue won’t be resolved until emotion and political correctness is abandoned so the disease is addressed and not the symptom.

Sid Frasier is a political writer and owner of Electronic Assistance Corporation.

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