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Paradoxes of Trump and Cruz

By Lynn Woolley

We’re all scratching our heads in this political season. That’s because things are happening that either don’t make sense – or are simply ironic.

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Starting with irony, have you considered why the Republican establishment hates Ted Cruz [2]? It’s because Cruz tells us the exact same things they do—except that he means it.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz [3]

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

And what about Trump? A lot of Tea Partiers support him [4]. But they organized to fight against the system of backroom deals [5] that Trump personifies. The appeal of Trump – and Carson – seems to be that they have never been elected and have zero experience in government. Yet Jeb Bush and John Kasich keep on blathering about how long they’ve been in office and all their vast experience.

No matter whom you support, Republican or Democrat, this is the strangest political season – maybe ever!

Democrats have paradoxes, too.

We fought the Cold War [6] to stop socialism and communism. Yet, open socialist Bernie Sanders is the darling of Democrats. Surveys show that the people pretty much think government itself is a problem [7] – yet the most corrupt person [8] (perhaps) ever to run for president is Hillary Clinton and she is still consider the frontrunner. Noting sways her liberal supporters – not even the looming threat of an indictment for compromising state secrets.

Speaking of paradoxes, Hillary Clinton has stated that women who charge sexual abuse or rape have “a right” to be believed [9]. Yet, her husband, Bill Clinton, has been repeatedly charged by just that – by many different women – and yet Hillary doesn’t seem to think any of those women have a right to anything.

Equality and the Rich.

Politicians of both parties talk about the influence of money. Democrats clamor for “equality.” Yet Republicans have one the nation’s richest men – Trump – as frontrunner and Democrats have a self-centered woman who has become part of the richest 1 percent by making boring speeches.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Photo: New York Daily News) [10]

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton (Photo: New York Daily News)

Another paradox: one of the attractions of Donald Trump is that he will self-finance [11] and be beholden to no one. That could backfire since there will no fire to hold his feet to.

And if that is a desirable situation, then should we keep grooming billionaires that will self-finance election after election? That means no more Ronald Reagans, Ted Cruzes, or Bernie Sanderses. Only people like Trump, the Koch Brothers, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates – and (yes!) Hillary Clinton could afford to run. I suspect the Clintons are much richer [12] than we know.

Yes, I know that ALL politicians at this level are wealthy, but only a few are able to self-finance. Is that what we want?

Which of the candidates is best qualified to be President?

Easy! Hillary and Jeb Bush.

Hillary has been a FLOTUS, a United States Senator, and Secretary of State. A great deal of Jeb’s family has already been President and Jeb has been governor of a bellwether state – and yet none of that makes a hang. In this election season, experience is a setback.

And yet there’s Ted Cruz who is both an insider and an outsider [13]. He’s an old government guy and he’s a sitting senator, so he’s both. How can that be? It’s because of that little thing we mentioned earlier. When Cruz promises to go to Washington and fight for conservative values, he means it. Boehner, McConnell, Cornyn, Ryan, and much of the rest of the Republican contingent make all the same promises —but they aren’t serious. So Cruz is the insider on the outside.


Let me see. Ted Cruz is perhaps the most America-loving, Constitution-supporting, rule-of-law guy who’s ever run for President. He was born in Calgary [14], because that’s where his momma happened to be at the time. B.H. Obama was born in Hawaii to a mother who married two Muslims and raised a son who pretty much seems to hate America and spits on the Constitution.

Trump says Cruz is not eligible to be president. But Obama is, even though Trump went all birther on him too.

I need a beer.