Obama has taken us to Hell. Can “Trump & Change” bring us back? Look at several key areas – the economy, race relations, foreign policy, and social issues and ask yourself if we’re not in big trouble on every front.

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By Lynn Woolley

There is a feeling among conservatives and some moderates that the United States is in a very bad place. Look at several key areas – the economy, race relations, foreign policy, and social issues and ask yourself if we’re not in big trouble on every front.

The answer is “yes” and it’s even worse than most of us imagine.

Obama’s economy is a mess. His healthcare plan and regulatory state have stalled growth and returned us to the Jimmy Carter days of “national malaise.” Obama is the Great Divider who has pitted the races against each other for the political gain of his party. Obama has failed spectacularly at foreign affairs and hundreds of thousands of people have died.

And now, he wants gender-free bathrooms to be part of his legacy. The country has gone to hell. The question is – can Donald Trump bring us back from the abyss?

Photos: US Magazine

Photos: US Magazine

Trump & Change: Hope & Change – Trump style.

Trump knows something about the economy. As a prominent billionaire businessman, he has suffered his failures, but he has also accumulated a vast amount of holdings and personal wealth. Put more simply – he has more skyscrapers bearing his name than anyone else in the world. He must know something.

I hope he can change the economy.

I trust he will do more than start a trade war with China. He must kill Obamacare and return healthcare to the 50 states. While the states put together their ideas for health, Trump should be concerned with getting rid of Obama-era regulations that strangle businesses – so that Carrier and other companies will want to stay here voluntarily.

The “Too Big To Fail” banks are a problem – just as Bernie Sanders says. Trump will have to address that issue. This is the ONLY thing Sanders makes any sense on, but Sanders has no clue how to do it. I hope Trump can make that change.

Trump’s expertise on race relations might need some brushing up.

Still and all, he rightly claims that the minorities working for him love him. Trump will most likely be fine on race relations. He will not likely build a wall that Mexico pays for and he will not likely deport all the illegals that live “in the shadows.”

Video: Trump answers a question on a CNN Town Hall. A man with 3 daughters confronts Donald Trump about how he treats women and minorities.

People of all ethnicities must understand that the United States is a nation of laws. If Trump enforces our immigration laws sternly but fairly, no one should have a problem. If that cuts back on the supply of foreign (cheap) labor, Trump will know how to install additional temporary worker programs.

Trump’s biggest problem on this issue is that Hillary Clinton and the media will brand him a racist. But if anyone can overcome that, Trump is the guy. The main thing for President Trump, if he gets to the White House, will be to restore order along the border so that Mexican laborers no longer die in the desert trying to sneak in – and so that our culture can be preserved while providing the labor that business needs.

I hope Trump can make that change.

Trump on foreign affairs.

This is a big unknown. Trump is a dealmaker – but what kind of deal would solve the Syrian crisis? What will trump do with Iran as it pushes the envelope on nuclear weapons? What about North Korea, Putin’s newly-expansionist Russia, and (of course) China. Here, Trump must be careful.

Obama has let the world burn while he worries about equality, climate change, and transgender bathrooms. Trump will inherit a huge mess all over the globe. But Trump may be able, after all the threats, so sit down with a softened-up China and actually get a better trade deal. I hope he can make that change.

There is one bright spot: It is hard to imagine how Trump or anyone else could do a worse job on foreign affairs than Obama. Once Trump is sworn in and the bluster dies down, all his campaign rhetoric may scare some sense into some heads-of-state. Wouldn’t that be a nice change?

Trump & change on social issues.

Trump likes girls. This, I can tell you – if you want to know the truth – believe me.

He may be a New York liberal at heart, but I just don’t see Trump going along with the homosexual agenda the way Obama does. On the other hand, Trump is somewhat libertarian on the bathroom issue so far.

With the Feds pressing North Carolina and trying to take away state sovereignty, perhaps Trump will address the issue on that basis. He may simply tell the states to make their own bathroom rules. There is no reason for the Federal Government to take sides.

If New York and Callie want gender-neutral bathrooms, let those states degrade their cultures. But Texas and Oklahoma should not be forced to follow suit. Admit it! When Obama was elected, you never thought his administration would support the end of gender in America.

Boys will be girls and girls will be boys; it’s a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world. (Except for Lola.)

With apologies to the Kinks, there is a difference in the sexes and unless I miss my guess, Trump knows that.

Video: What transgenderism was like in 1970. Great song!

He also knows about state’s rights – or he has advisers that do. His best option is to send these thorny social issues to the states and let each one decide. I have a lot of hope that unisex bathrooms is not a change that Trump will make.

Under Hillary, we’ll remain in hell.

Evil Bitch. (Photo: Getty Images)

Evil Bitch. (Photo: Getty Images)

Hillary is not an option. If I sound like I’m moving over to Trump – take it at face value. I am not and have never been a big Trump supporter. Hillary is a known quantity and she is an evil bitch. And that is being kind. If she is sworn in, America will continue its decent into hell.

We don’t really know what Trump will do.

I know this: As leery as I am of Trump, I am 100 percent certain that Hillary Clinton would make the economy far worse, divide the races AND the sexes, screw up the world even worse than she did as Secretary of State, and double down on social deviancy. It would not stop there. She would use her presidency to enrich herself and her philandering husband and there would be scandal after scandal. Clinton fatigue would set in before the end of January.

With Trump, who knows? At least there would be room for hope. And change.


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