Obama as the Great Divider — Executive Amnesty will tear the nation apart

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Nov 14, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

We’re already a divided country. During his tenure, Barack Obama has made things worse, purposely pitting rich against poor, male against female, black against white, and straight against gay. obama_the_great_divider-994x520

Now he’s about to announce a plan to override all current immigration laws – perhaps for the future votes that might come to Democrats. Or is he? Obama is a radical, and that’s being kind. He seems to enjoy stoking hatred among the people. Reagan, the Bushes, Clinton – none of them acted this way. But from the start, Obama seemed to disdain the very values that have held this country together.

If he goes through with his executive amnesty plan, he will rip this country into two warring sides. America has already changed under Obama, but this will amount to the biggest change of all – even bigger than the President’s health care bill.

To his credit, House Speaker John Boehner has promised to fight Obama “tooth and nail” if the President carries out his threat.

It’s too bad that Boehner and Senator Mitch McConnell are late to the table. Look what Obama has already done to this county:

• Government now runs our healthcare industry.
• Government has taken over student loans.
• Obama has downsized the military and our nuclear stockpile is crumbling.
• Our space program is effectively dead.
• Our foreign policy has been mismanaged and the entire world is in disarray.
• Our government is scandal-ridden from the VA to the IRS to the Secret Service.

And there’s more. When the ink is dry on Executive Amnesty, Obama will issue a series of executive orders on climate change. These new “laws” will be anti-coal, anti-oil, and likely very expensive.

Obama once said he would spend his career trying to undo everything President Reagan accomplished. Some scoffed at the notion. Nobody’s scoffing now. Obama’s full-steam-ahead radicalism combined with extremely weak Republican leadership has allowed him to let him get away with most of his leftist agenda with his own Democratic Party stupidly smiles and goes along.

Republicans, meanwhile have been fighting the Tea Party.

There are two years to go in the Obama era. The President will be forced to deal with a Republican House and a Republican Senate. If you are comforted by that, and think that Obama will be powerless to move forward with left-wing radicalism, think again. With his Executive Amnesty, he is declaring war on the America we know.

Mainstream Republicans, the Tea Party, Ron Paul libertarians, John Birchers, the Religious Right, and independents had better work together to stop him. Obama believes America is “unfair” and “unequal” and he aims to change it. So far, he’s been quite successful. Wake up, America.

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    Obama Is George Sorros – Bill Ayers – Valerie Jarrett —
    All, who the words United States of America,
    leaves a bad taste in their mouths.

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