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May 8, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

When the competition between Ted Cruz and Donald Trump was at its zenith, I was undecided about which candidate I would prefer. Then the tiebreaker hit me. Show me which running mate each candidate would select and I’ll tell you which candidate I’ll support. For example, I’d take a Trump/Susana Martinez ticket over a Cruz/Rubio ticket any day of the week. Martinez is a Republican Governor from New Mexico who is an immigration hawk and Rubio has proven weak on the issue of immigration.

Schumer and Rubio

Schumer and Rubio

We’re now learning that Ted Cruz wanted Marco Rubio as his running mate. If this is true, it would have represented a betrayal on the part of Cruz. The biggest issue with Trump that has garnered him the most support has been the issue of immigration. A Cruz/Rubio ticket would have told voters that immigration enforcement is negotiable.

Why? Because it would mean that vice president Rubio would be next in line for the presidency after President Cruz were to complete two terms in office.

That’s a dealbreaker for me. If Cruz’s pick for vice president would have been Rubio, Cruz’s stock would have dropped with me big time. Not only is Rubio part of the Republican establishment, but he’s also weak on immigration. Cruz’s rhetoric about being strong on immigration would be rendered hollow with such a pick.

Here is a panel on State of the Union discussing Cruz’s desire for Rubio to be part of his ticket:

I get it. The argument in support of Rubio as a running mate is political. He’s someone who could unite the conservative base with the establishment. Rubio is hispanic and he’s from Florida, a bellwether state.

However, if this election season has taught us anything, it’s that the establishment doesn’t need to be represented on the ticket. It’s been all but neutered when adding up the support garnered by Trump and Cruz. As I’ve said for months, a Trump/Cruz ticket would deal a knockout blow to the establishment. Instead, we hear that Cruz was willing to extend an olive branch to that establishment with Rubio as his running mate?

No thanks.

Why would Cruz take Rubio over Allen West?

Why would Cruz take Rubio over Allen West?

If Cruz was willing to select Rubio, why not Lt. Col. Allen West? West is also from Florida; he has military experience, and he’s black. Rubio is Cuban, just like Cruz, so what gives?

The answer is what I wrote about all along. Cruz was willing to get in bed with the establishment if the latter could help the former get the nomination.

That’s why news reports that Cruz had embraced Neil Bush to help with his campaign should have been a big red flag.

If you look at the final three Republicans in the race, you get Trump, Cruz and Kasich. Kasich represented both the establishment and the least amount of support. Cruz and Trump represented the most support so why would Cruz select an establishment running mate? Perhaps the answer lies with Cruz’s decision to embrace the establishment when his campaign was in the most trouble. As I wrote before, by doing so, Cruz owed the establishment a favor. Selecting Rubio may have paid the debt.

I also wrote that Cruz’s selection of Carly Fiorina as his running mate was utterly meaningless because she would have to win on a second ballot as vice president just as Cruz would have to do as a presidential nominee.

Whether claims that Cruz wanted Rubio as a running mate are accurate or not, such a scenario would have ingratiated Cruz with the establishment and alienated conservatives who want strong immigration policies. Let’s be clear. Rubio betrayed those who elected him to the U.S. Senate when he partnered with Senators John McCain (R-AZ), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Bob Melendez (D-NJ), and others to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.

Morevoer, for all of Rubio’s faults relative to immigration, both he and Cruz represent two of the top 10 most conservative Senators in a very liberal U.S. Senate. What sense does it make to elect one of those Senators president and all but render the other one ineffective as vice president?

Any way you slice it, a Cruz/Rubio ticket would be ill-advised if you’re a conservative voter. If you believe Cruz is a DC outsider, why would he select a DC establishmentarian insider to be his running mate? Cruz supporters should come to grips with the reality that such a scenario would demonstrate. It would mean that the establishment would have someone on the inside.

That’s what the Trump supporters are hoping will not be the case if their guy gets the nomination.

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