NEW EVIDENCE Surfaces that Malaysian MH370 Pilot a KAMIKAZE JIHADIST

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By Ben Barrack

Perhaps one of the biggest airline mysteries in history has been solved. Lo and behold, the evidence points to jihad being the cause of mass murder suicide. A fear of reporting that evidence appears to have helped to perpetuate the mysterious disappearance.

The pilot – a practicing Muslim named Zaharie Ahmad Shah – was found to have a flight path on his simulator that very closely resembled what is believed to have been the fatal flight path of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8, 2014.

This shocking new discovery comes courtesy of New York Magazine, which came into possession of a “confidential document” that has no business being confidential at all:

Yellow: Actual flight path of MH370. Red: Flight path on Zaharie's simulator.

Yellow: Actual flight path of MH370. Red: Flight path on Zaharie’s simulator.

In the days and weeks after MH370’s disappearance, no network gave the story more coverage than CNN, which simply couldn’t look away. At one point, CNN anchor Don Lemon actually entertained the notion that the plane may have been the victim of a “black hole”. See for yourself:

The theories about what happened to MH370 were in abundance. Ret. General Thomas McInerney insisted that he thought the plane landed in Pakistan:

Then, ironically, CNN’s Jake Tapper (perhaps that network’s most responsible reporter) batted down the theories that MH370 landed at a remote island owned by Great Britain and manned by the U.S. Military – Diego Garcia:

Conspiracy theorist Montagraph – who has actually helped to uncover some significant stories – appears to have gotten this one wrong. Here he is explaining the Diego Garcia theory:

The truth is that western minds simply cannot process the jihadist mind. Even when they get close, authorities suppress the truth so the masses don’t learn.

Jihad is all about murdering as many infidels as you can so that you will be rewarded in the afterlife. Zaharie took 238 innocent people with him if he committed jihad. That’s certainly more than enough in the eyes of Allah, right. On top of that Zaharie affected the world after he was gone by leaving a mystery trail and causing governments around the world to spend hundreds of millions of dollars looking for the suicide capsule he sent on a mission to run out of fuel in the southern Indian ocean.

The other aspect to jihadism westerners don’t get is the level of diabolical thought that goes on in the minds of Jihadists. These are not mentally unstable individuals. They are extremely committed to their faith and very calculating in their actions.

Take a look at this excerpt from the New York Magazine:

From the beginning, Zaharie has been a primary suspect, but until now no hard evidence implicating him has emerged. The “Factual Information” report states, “The Captain’s ability to handle stress at work and home was good. There was no known history of apathy, anxiety, or irritability. There were no significant changes in his life style, interpersonal conflict or family stresses.” After his disappearance, friends and family members came forward to described Zaharie as an affable, helpful family man who enjoyed making instructional YouTube videos for home DIY projects — hardly the typical profile of a mass murderer.

Only if you don’t understand jihad. In fact, in this case, the FBI and other authorities suppressed evidence that would help people learn about the motives of Zaharie.

Imagine Zaharie, a Muslim fundamentalist with the opportunity to make a plane disappear and murder hundreds of innocent non-Muslims in the process.

Wouldn’t that be the perfect form of Jihad?

Zahari Ahmad Shah

Zahari Ahmad Shah

On a related note, take a look at the last few minutes of this documentary about Silk Air Flight 185, which crashed in 1997. Investigators concluded that the pilot committed mass murder-suicide but the Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) head – a Muslim named Oetarjo Diran – refused to allow that conclusion to become official.

The moral of these stories is – or should be – very clear. Western civilization is under attack and those in charge with leading it are refusing to acknowledge the truth about the enemy.

Sun Tzu famously wrote that in order to defeat an enemy, that enemy must be known. It’s beyond clear that the west’s leaders refuse to identify today’s enemies.

As a result, those enemies are winning.

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