#NeverTrump Crowd WOULD HAVE Been #NeverChurchill and #NeverReagan Trump's Morally Righteous Detractors Simply Have WRONG HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE

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By Ben Barrack

Reagan and British PM Margaret Thatcher stand in front of Winston Churchill portrait.

Reagan and British PM Margaret Thatcher stand in front of Winston Churchill portrait.

The morally righteous #NeverTrump crowd is pseudo-aghast at Donald Trump’s alleged sexual scandal, proclivity for lewd talk about women, and overall immoral behavior. These same people are largely fans of Ronald Reagan and must certainly acknowledge the leadership skills of Sir Winston Churchill during World War II.

Yet, what they won’t acknowledge is that both Reagan and Churchill shared many of the same proclivities Trump is being excoriated for having shown. Reagan – like Trump – was a Democrat before becoming a Republican. Churchill was a liberal before becoming a great leader.

Though there is some debate about whether the following quote should be attributed to Churchill, it certainly fits:

“If you’re not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you’re not a conservative at forty you have no brain.”

This piece is NOT about putting Trump on par with Reagan or Churchill relative to leadership. It is simply about comparing the aspects about him that turn off #NeverTrump folks, with aspects of two historic leaders who shared many of the same traits.

#NeverReagan Crowd

Bill O’Reilly took significant heat after publishing his book, “Killing Reagan”. One of the reasons was that O’Reilly and co-author Martin Dugard wrote about Reagan’s womanizing. Many of the Reagan loyalists who double as #NeverTrump obstructionists were outraged, apparently because they wanted to believe lies about Reagan being spotless and reject Trump for having some spots.

O’Reilly and Dugard’s take on Reagan, via Christian Science Monitor:

They also depict Reagan as a womanizer who had multiple extramarital affairs in Hollywood, an aloof father who spent little time with his children, and a contrarian husband who frequently fought with his second wife, Nancy.

In one of his more epic exchanges, O’Reilly went toe to toe with establishmentarian George Will who has lionized Reagan and is a staunch #NeverTrump guy:

Reports of Reagan’s womanizing in the 1950’s are in no short supply.

In 1953 – after Reagan had married Nancy – he was clearly flirting with Marilyn Monroe. Nancy abruptly put an end to it:

Ronald Reagan (L) and Marilyn Monroe (R) in 1953.

Ronald Reagan (L) and Marilyn Monroe (R) in 1953.

Here is video of Reagan in 1950, chatting with a gaggle of fawning young females:

To be fair, Reagan is said not to have been much of a drinker; Trump isn’t at all. In fact, Trump said in an interview with Megyn Kelly that he’s never had a drop. For the #NeverTrump crowd, that would place him on higher moral ground than Churchill or Reagan (you know, just applying the #NeverTrump standard).

The #NeverTrump crowd prides itself on being morally pure but will hold Reagan up as a paragon of morally righteous leadership. The hypocrisy is staggering.

The truth is that in very dire times, leadership qualities should actually “trump” any true leader’s flaws. In the case of Reagan and Churchill, they did; both men were womanizers. In the case of Trump, well, he’s still trying to bat away those holier than thou adversaries that have so twisted themselves into morally righteous pretzels that they think there would be no difference between a Hillary presidency or a Trump presidency (Kaine v. Pence notwithstanding).

After years of living the life of a playboy and an actor, Reagan woke up when he saw a threat to his country. In 1964, he delivered what may be his most salient speech, entitled, “A Time for Choosing”. Had twitter been around at the time, the #NeverReagan crowd would have been ridiculing him for not being a man of principle:

Trump’s behavior should NOT be excused or endorsed. It should, however, be put into the proper perspective and context, especially when the country he represents is actually hanging in the balance. Imagine Ronald Reagan in an internet world. He was not; Trump is. As such, Reagan had an advantage.

#NeverChurchill Crowd

Churchill arrived on his most historic scene in 1940, after the Nazis had proven to be a slightly more than formidable force for British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain. Can you imagine the #NeverChurchill crowd preventing his ascent to power?

Based on the standard applied by the #NeverTrump crowd, Churchill would have been rejected as a leader. He was a womanizer and a boozer who was loose with his salty language and was rarely spotted without a cigar in his puss (something Trump doesn’t do).

History dictates that the #NeverTrump crowd would have been just as wrong as the detractors who insisted Churchill wasn’t qualified back then, people like Joseph Kennedy, the father of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States:

Back in 1941, Churchill’s biggest problem was the Ambassador, Joseph P. Kennedy, the American ambassador in the Court of St. James. Joseph P. Kennedy, one of my favorite characters of World War Two, father of President Kennedy, who was probably not one of my favorite characters. Joseph Kennedy was a glorious, Irish, Catholic bigot…

…Kennedy had a habit of reporting back to Washington the truth! When Kennedy went to ask Chamberlain, the Prime Minister, why he shouldn’t have Churchill in his cabinet, Chamberlain’s reply was that “the man was very unstable and he’s become a fine two-fisted drinker.” Churchill knew what Kennedy was reporting because we were reading the American diplomatic codes as well, and Churchill did everything he could to get rid of Kennedy – by fair means or foul.

What more salient irony could there be? JFK’s father took the words of Neville Chamberlain back to Washington. Those words were meant to impugn Churchill’s character and ability to lead. As we know, it was Chamberlain whose ability to lead was exposed to history when he stood on the tarmac of Heathrow airport to assure his countrymen that Hitler was a man of peace:

The point is not that Churchill and Trump share the same propensity for drink; Trump doesn’t drink. The point is that leaders do have vices but those vices don’t necessarily prevent them from being effective leaders.

When it comes to Trump, the Billy Bush audio was intended to undermine him as an ineffectual leader because of his language and his supposed disrespect for women.

Again, the mind wanders as the possibilities of Churchill in an internet age are limitless.

Nonetheless, to say the 20th Century’s greatest leader loved the ladies and was loose with his tongue when talking about them, would be an understatement.

Women were so upset by Winston Churchill’s womanizing and consumption of alcohol that a casual acquaintance once remarked:

“Winston, if I were your wife, I’d poison your soup.” To which Winston was to have replied: “And, madame, if I were your husband, I’d drink it.” Hah ! Photo: Keith Lane (early 20th century) Quote: Don Bell (mid 20th century)

In today’s world, Churchill would be excoriated for being so incredibly sexist. The #NeverChurchill crowd would be aghast.

The truth is that the #NeverTrump crowd cannot see the Hillary Clinton forest as it focuses on Trump’s trees.

Churchill with cigar and dog.

Churchill with cigar and dog.

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