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Apr 30, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

By Ben Barrack

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was secretly recorded in his home; what he said revealed racism. Spike Lee is leading the charge against him while having a log in his own eye. In 2012, Spike Lee used twitter to direct a rabid mob to the home of someone he thought was George Zimmerman; it was not. It was the home of an elderly couple who found themselves the target of a mass of irrational humanity, unleashed by Lee.

Spike Lee's 2012 tweet far more egregious than Donald Sterling's comments.

Spike Lee’s 2012 tweet far more egregious than Donald Sterling’s comments.

Even if Lee got the address correct, he acted on an impluse to incite vigilante justice based on racism.

Fortunately, Lee is being sued for this irresponsible act.

As was the case with Cliven Bundy in Nevada, racism is not a crime. Yet, in the case of Sterling, he’s been banned for life from the NBA for doing something that is not illegal.

Politicians ran from Bundy for his legal comments and ignored the criminal behavior of federal agents.

Race-baiters, racialists, racists, and racial opportunists like Lee, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson continue to commit far more egregious offenses than those who suffer actual consequences.

Again, that is a reality for one simple reason.

Cowards still allow the race card to work.

Enjoy the game, Mr. Lee.

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