Mike Huckabee promotes Fair Tax to neuter IRS

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Jun 28, 2014 2 Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Former Arkansas governor and FOX host Mike Huckabee has begun promoting the Fair Tax.

Gov. Mike Huckabee (Photo: Atlanta Black Star)

Gov. Mike Huckabee (Photo: Atlanta Black Star)

If he runs for the Republican nomination, this could be a rallying point. With the IRS losing Lois Lerner’s emails –while forcing the rest of us to carefully preserve records for years, there is a stench coming out of Washington. Of course the IRS targeted groups it didn’t like –and, when caught, said it needed new rules to clarify existing law. What the IRS wanted to do was codify the targeting. The new rules would have limited the amount of time that groups could spend on voter registration and voter education. They would have destroyed the Tea Party – but also would affect the ACLU and the N-double-A-C-P. The agency still wants those rules. If Huckabee runs, he will get a sympathetic ear here with regard to the abolishment of the IRS – something long overdue.

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  1. Oil Field Guy says:

    Fair Tax only, no flat Tax.

  2. ghansen says:

    It is time for a fair/flat tax, or whatever you want to call it. Not only will it be “fair” to all U.S. citizens, it will abolish most of the most feared, corrupt and over-sized bureaucracies in existence today.

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