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Jul 26, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Elizabeth Warren, one of the originators of the “you didn’t build that” theme, used her twenty minutes at the Democrat Convention to go after Donald Trump.

That’s to be expected.

But it was a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black. Warren charged that Trump is “a con man born into privilege whose only interest is his bank statement.” Hold on! The premier con man of our time is Bill Clinton, who with his wife Hillary, sold pardons while in the White House and through the Clinton Foundation, sold influence.

Hillary Clinton is the dictionary definition of greedy. 

Clinton and her attack dog, Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Andrew Harnik - AP)

Clinton and her attack dog, Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Andrew Harnik – AP)

There’s Whitewater, Cattle Futures, the White House Travel Office. Senator Warren conveniently forgot all these things. She went on to label Trump as a “ideologue.” Trump is a lot of things, but he’s not an ideologue. Hillary is. So is Senator Warren whose entire speech was a fraud.

Warren’s speech, when not demeaning Trump, was all about ideology.

She said:

“Did you hear even one solid proposal from Trump for increasing incomes or improving your kids’ education? Or creating even one single good-paying job? Let’s face it, Donald Trump has no real plans for jobs or college kids or seniors. No plans to make anything great for anyone, except rich guys like Donald Trump.”

Well! Let’s hope Trump isn’t going to do those things.

That’s the job of the private sector and when government tries to do these things, it messes up the economy. Government does not create jobs; the private sector does – when government gets out of the way. Besides, when it comes to creating jobs, who has experience? Elizabeth Warren – a lifelong professor and politician? Barack Obama – an academic and community organizer? Bill and Hillary Clinton – scandal-ridden political hacks whose business experience amounts to creating a fraudulent charity?

Or Donald Trump who has his brand stamped on hotels and skyscrapers all over the world and who employs thousands of people? Yes, I know – not much of a choice.

Video: Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bizarre speech to the DNC convention

And what about “the politics of division?”

Yes, Warren went there, too. President Obama will go down in history as “the Great Divider,” and yet this goes right over Democrats’ heads. Trump will very likely bring this country together if he gets elected. We can certainly hope that he will. Clinton will do nothing of the kind. She is a left-wing ideologue who works to destroy her political enemies. Trump destroyed his competitors for the nomination – but there is at least a chance that he can unite the people. The chance with Hillary is zero.

Hillary as Obama’s third term.

Hillary Clinton has pandered to Obama, essential promising to continue all his policies. The Wall Street Journal carries piece detailing the misery in this country based on Obama’s successful implementation of his agenda.

The WSJ piece, “Obama’s Age of Discord,” asked the key question: Since Obama was able to push virtually all his agenda through in one way or another – how come the country is so frustrated and miserable?

It’s a great question ponder while the Lyin’ Democrats are distorting their record during their lie-fest in Philadelphia.


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