Gloria Borger on CNN: “Giuliani’s remarks were hateful” (But were they wrong?)

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by Lynn Woolley

The mainstream media has a lot invested in President Obama. When they see him being impugned – especially by a respected Republican figure – they circle the wagons. A case in point is Gloria Borger, a liberal analyst on CNN who hosted “State of the Union” on Sunday.

Video: Borger and Issa on CNN “State of the Union” 2/22/25

“Giuliani’s remarks were hateful,”

she told a panel of the three Republicans including Congressman Darrell Issa. For his part, Giuliani did not back down much. He told Megyn Kelly on FOX News that he doesn’t feel the love for America coming from Obama.

Video: “The Kelly File” on FOX News 2/19/15 – Megyn is tough on Rudy

I know it was the seventies, but I don’t recall media figures coming to the defense of Richard Nixon during Watergate. In fact, I still felt the love for America coming from Nixon even after he has trashed the Constitution. Obama doesn’t seem to have much love for the Constitution either, but he must love Gloria Borger and CNN.

Obama not only hates America; he is dangerous

There was almost a feeling of relief when Giuliani came out with his original statements about Obama. There is no polling to quote, but water cooler talk about Obama’s attitudes about Obama has been going on for years.

Obama has made it clear – on public radio in Chicago before he ran for the U.S. Senate – and in his presidency that he wants to transform the country. Filmmaker and writer Dinesh D’Souza has produced two movies about Obama’s actions and the motivations behind them – concluding (with ample evidence) that Obama is a fervent anticolonialist who believes that America became rich on the backs of underdeveloped countries.

Obama seems hell-bent on changing America and making it poorer so that developing nations can use our wealth. This is what the global warming hoax is supposed to accomplish. This is a danger to America.

Remember Joe the Plumber?

American got a first taste of Obama’s redistributionist ideas in a chance encounter with Sam Wurzelbacher who became known as “Joe the Plumber.”

Video: Obama meets Joe the Plumber

Obama was shaking hands and was off TelePrompTer when he said he thought it helped everyone to spread the wealth around.

Obama’s Social Justice is NOT “who we are…”

Obama likes to use the term “who we are” when he makes a one-sided point. But “socialists” is not who we are. We are a nation of rugged individualists who seek life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness through freedom and minimal interference from government. Or at least, we used to be. Under Obama, the rich get richer, big companies merge, and jobs are lost.

Obama wants to grow government and enlarge its hold over the people.

Obama’s meddling in our healthcare system has been a disaster. He has caused tuition to rise by pumping government money into student loans. He has used the Environmental Protection Agency to implement his global warming agenda. Now he is about to use the Federal Communications Commission for a takeover of the internet.

None of these things has gone well. The FCC takeover of the internet will be a disaster of biblical proportions — as Obamacare has been.

Obama’s influences

First, read Obama’s books. You’ll get something of a picture of how the man thinks. See if you feel a love for America oozing out from the pages. See if you can get a idea of why Obama will not label terrorism abs “Islamic.” See if you can form a picture in your mind of Obama’s thoughts about Islam as opposed to his thoughts about Christianity.

Then, look at his speeches and apologies made around the world. Check out his comments on America as a Christian nation, and as an exceptional country. Decide whether you think this is just typical liberal thought patterns in the 21st century – or something more ominous. Ask yourself what an unleashed Obama might say after his term in office is over.

Sean Hannity has made much of Obama’s influences from communist Frank Marshall Davis to Bill Ayers to Henry Louis Gates to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Video: Hannity conducts a panel on Obama’s patriotism

Now, think about the pro-American influences in Obama’s life. List them if you can. If you can’t, please tell me where Rudolph Giuliani is wrong.

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