Liberals say the stupidest things – and Low Information Voters believe them Obama believes his political base is stupid and he takes full advantage.

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Jul 11, 2014 2 Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

I’m not sure I’ve ever written a column where the headline so richly describes the content. But it’s true. We live in the era of the Low Information Voter – and no matter what President Obama says – or Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi – LIVs seem to believe it’s all gospel. Obama believes his political base is stupid and he takes full advantage. obama pointing

There was a letter in the Waco Tribune Herald (7/10/14) that blew me away. The writer, a self-described “liberal to the core,” said this:

“Republicans don’t want liberals or ethnics voting. They don’t want us working for a decent wage. They don’t want us healthy. They don’t care if our grandchildren can breathe clean air or drink tap water or feel safe from idiots who can’t resist playing with their assault rifles in pubic.”

Let that roll around in your logical mind, if you have one. Here’s a liberal stating as fact that conservatives actually want to stop citizens from voting – citizens who are of age, registered, and legal-to-vote in every way. But Liberal To the Core believes that someone is trying to to stop him from voting. Who is doing this? Where is the proof? There’s certainly no proof in the movement for Photo-ID, which is a commonsense way to stop voter fraud.

And the “decent wage” charge? Really? Because some Republicans believe that the minimum wage is not the government’s business and that it actually causes people to lose their jobs? Liberal To the Core has no case here – but he believes what he’s writing, even to the extent that he thinks Republicans want his grandchildren to breathe dirty air and drink dirty water. The stupidity in these statements is beyond belief. If Republicans force his grandchildren to live in a polluted world, so will the grandchildren of Republicans – and everyone else. Does he not understand that? The answer appears to be “no” and “I don’t care.” attention-low-information-voters-this-what-really-saying-spi-politics-1368854340

President Obama has said these things – or similar things – and whatever President Obama says MUST be true. Indeed, the President has created a major class war in which he said that anyone who has worked hard and created a business – “you didn’t build that.” The implication being that such a business was built on the backs of the poor ethnic minorities such as Liberal To the Core.

The President created a War on Women that never has existed. The true war against women is in Islamic countries such a Saudi Arabia where they cannot vote or drive – and in countries where raped women are often considered to be the criminal rather than the rapist. But what Obama says – stupid or not – is truth to LIVs.

Liberal To the Core continues his screed this way:

“Yes, I’m liberal to the core because it hasn’t been apparent to me that today’s neocon politicians stand for anything other than greed, personal irresponsibility, xenophobia, science denial, a religion of fear, rage and desperate clinging to WASP hegemony over every aspect of America’s future.”

“WASP hegemony?” “Science denial?” Well, I’m impressed that he knows the word “xenophobia.” But liberals such as this, who believe with all their hearts in climate change, still think two men should marry. Science denial, indeed.

Liberals DO say the stupidest things – and not only Obama. In Colorado, Senate Democrat Mark Udall is in a tough race – and in the heat of the campaign, he’s said stuff at least as nutty as the remarks from Todd Aiken, a Missouri Republican who talked about “legitimate rape.” Aiken was right of course, but his remarks were used, out of context, by Obama and liberals to destroy his reputation. Sen. Udall gets a free pass.

In an op-ed, Udall wrote this:

“Colorado’s Western traditions are rooted in a fundamental truth, embodied in our Constitution: that each person has the right to be left alone, to make his or her own choices, and to live life unencumbered.”

This statement – not a word of which is true – was in reference to the Hobby Lobby decision. As the Wall Street Journal points out in an article by James Taranto, perhaps Hobby Lobby’s owners had a “right” to be left alone. Udall also gets around to a favorite liberal talking point –the fact that males do not have uteruses.

“In one majority opinion, five male justices turned back the clock on decades of progress toward gender equality and dragged what used to be personal health choices about family planning and birth control out of doctors’ offices and into corporate boardrooms.”

But justices are supposed to make ruling based on law and the Constitution. The fact that the female liberals on the Supreme Court are feminist activists might have been more relevant – but truth did not make an appearance in Udall’s column. For the record, Senate majority Leader Harry Reid also refers to the courts majority as “five white men.” How that must upset Clarence Thomas. Oh, well.

Reid has taken to long speeches from the Senate floor to assassinate the character of the Koch Brothers – billionaires that have created at least 60,000 jobs but whom Reid despises. OK; he hates them. But what about Warren Buffett who has far more influence over our everyday lives and who is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood?

Liberals are told the Kochs are bad, but Buffett is a great guy.

Liberals believe this stuff. Really. One has to imagine that they watch MSNBC where the Obama narrative is parroted by the hour — or CNN, which is tone-deaf to actual news, or nothing at all. But low-information as they are, they are getting their “facts” from somewhere. Probably from the street to a large degree – and from Obama.

In what some people consider a major embarrassment to Texas, Obama flew in to raise money. Never mind that the world is on fire, Israel is under attack and practically at war with Hamas, our veterans can’t get health care, and there is a flood of illegals coming into the country and bring all manner of diseases with them – Obama came to Austin seeking cash and making asinine statements about Republicans:

Video: This is Obama in Austin on July 17, 2012.

“Now I don’t know which things they find most offensive – me helping to create jobs, or me raising minimum wages, or me easing the student loan burdens or me making sure women can find out whether they’re getting paid the same amount as men for doing the same job.”

Low Information Voters suck it all in. None of it makes the least bit of sense. To answer each point briefly, Obama does NOT create jobs – businesses create jobs and he’s done nothing but regulate them; Obama’s minimum wage ideas would cause jobs to be eliminated by companies that can’t afford or don’t want to pay the higher amounts; Obama nationalized student loans and, by pumping money into this awful program, has emboldened colleges and universities to raise their tuition costs by staggering amounts.

As far as equal pay for women – there are many factors that determine wages – education, experience, a woman’s biological clock. And besides that, Obama’s White House doesn’t pay women what it pays men. What a hypocrite.

From climate change to the War on Women to the possible tipping over of Guam from Congressman Hank Johnson…

…liberals continually make points based on non-sequiturs and outright lies. That’s a big problem. The bigger problem is that Low Information Voters believe them.

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  1. AJLAND says:

    No need to degrade Boss Hogg like that;)

  2. paintedfaces says:

    Udall may have been talking of the Colorado State Constitution gives them certain western rights, and if so—The state of Colorado didn’t make or have the legal right to make the decision on the Hobby Lobby case-But the United States Supreme Court.

    Old Harry Reid used the term White men because he was afraid he may offend black voters . He’s a creep anyway. With that voice of his, he reminds me of someone ,you need to keep little kids away from.

    Judge Hank Johnson out of Ga. I believe he’s continually on pot. He’s an embarrassment to the people of Ga. I would think. And he’s a black version of a Boss Hogg. And to think, He was the person chose to replace that female Rep who had a gun on her when she was going through security at he capitol grounds. An later traveled with the Black Panthers. What a bunch the people of Georgia have to represent them.

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