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by Lynn Woolley

First Donald Trump failed to stand up for Barack Obama when an audience member called the President a Muslim.

Video: Trump supporter calls Obama Muslim

Then, Ben Carson said he would not want to see a Muslim president.

Video: “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd grills Carson about a Muslim president

Here come the PC police. Parker called them “ignoramuses.” Bloomberg’s Wilkinson threw them under the bus in a passionate endorsement of Jeb Bush and his multiculturalism. Pitts simply looks for ways to brand people as racists, and he’s very good at what he does. On the other hand, Cal Thomas wrote a thoughtful column about whether a person of the Islamic faith could really be a good leader here in the United States – a country based on Judeo-Christian values. Unlike the Three Blind Mice referenced above, Thomas understands, as he put it, that we are at war with a radical ideology that seeks to destroy us.

Kathleen Parker (Photo: Washington Post)

Kathleen Parker (Photo: Washington Post)

What Kathleen Parker said.

Parker is a writer for the Washington Post. She was the distaff half of “Parker-Spitzer” on CNN, a show that was so dull it lasted about fifteen minutes before cancellation. The reason was that the “liberal” on the show was a discredited sex pervert known as Client #9 and the “conservative” on the show, Parker, was a liberal.

Parker is full of herself as a defender of diversity and religious pluralism. Never mind that Islam (nothing controversial here; this is what Muslims say, too) is a political system and a way of life. It has a religious component — foot washing and such. But there are nasty parts as well such as female genital mutilation, honor killings, and the general second-class status of women. Perhaps Parker is not a “feminist” like Hillary Clinton. No feminist could possibly support any of these aspects of Islam.

After calling Trump and Carson “clueless,” “incurious,” “moronic,” and “dull,” she settles on “ignoramuses” as the best word for them. She must have been looking in the mirror. Here is what she said about Dr. Ben Carson, an honorable man with a penchant for actually answering questions:

“NBC’s Chuck Todd asked Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on Meet the Press whether a president’s faith should matter. The simple answer, the correct one, would have been to cite the Constitution, punctuated with a dazzling, gotcha-back smile. But Carson’s instinct for honesty (and his political inexperience) tripped the ‘Oops’ meter. He told the truth that he would not ‘advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation.’”

So what, Kathleen? I would not put a Democrat in charge either. I can vote for the candidate of my choice and so can Dr. Carson. I don’t understand why your panties are in a knot over this.

So now let’s look at what our gal wrote about the man that asked Trump about “when we could get rid of all Muslims…”

“Sounding loopy (or like an opposition plant?), the man said: ‘We’ve got a problem in this country. It’s called Muslims.’ (Gee, and I thought the problem was idiots.) We know our current president is one. You know, he’s not even an American.”

Kathleen and other libs are upset that Trump did not vigorously stand up for Obama. You know, like John McCain did. McCain assured Americans that Obama would be a fine president, and so Americans voted for Obama. Perhaps Trump did not want to make the same mistake. On the other hand, the President has praised Islam so many times and bowed to so many Islamic kings that it’s hardly a surprise that’s some people think he is one.

You can email Kathleen at kathleenparker@washpost.com. She will not likely respond.

What Francis Wilkinson said.

You never heard of him, right? No wonder. He’s no big deal, but he loves Jeb Bush because Bush is so culturally diverse. We won’t spend much time on this guy, but he works for Bloomberg and here’s what he said:

“Ben Carson, adding to an already impressive list of daffy prescriptions, suggested that Muslims be barred from the presidency despite the Constitution’s unambiguous decree that the office is not subject to a religious test.”

“Daffy” describes this dude. Carson’s answer to Chuck Todd that he would “not advocate” for a Muslim president is Carson’s right under the Constitution.

Understand that a Muslim running for president would run as a Democrat. Carson is a Republican and would not advocate for a Democrat.

You have to wonder if some of these columnists are even literate. Seriously. Oh, but he loves Jeb and believes that the latest Bush to run for POTUS represents the future of our country. Which is, as most libs seem to believe, a polyglot of languages, cultures, religions, and customs. Oh boy. I’m excited about that. Maybe we can all learn to just get along, even with nothing in common.

His Twitter account is @fdwilkinson.

What Leonard Pitts, Jr. said.

Pitts writes about race for the Miami Herald.

Leonard Pitts

Leonard Pitts

For reasons I haven’t figured out, writing the same column over and over gets him into a lot of newspapers. He has one belief. One thought. One mission. One column. The man has talent, but it is going unused. He is bitter, having convinced himself that no black person could ever grow up to become a columnist for the Miami Herald in such a racist country. Maybe he’s right.

Here’s what he wrote about Trump:

“‘We have a problem in this country,” said a man in the audience last week during a Q-and-A session with GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in New Hampshire. “It’s called Muslims.’ He went on to ask, ‘When can we get rid of [them]?’ Trump’s flaccid response: ‘We’re going to be looking at a lot of different things.’”

Pitts would also like Trump to shout to the heavens that Obama is a fine upstanding Christian. You know, like when he spent 20 years is a racist, anti-Semitic church in Chicago. So now, liberals believe that Donald Trump should be Obama’s protector and defender. Not very likely. Obama is capable of slamming his enemies. He does it often and manages to divide them and conquer. He does not need help from Trump.

Now to Carson. Pitts wrote:

“Later, facing a firestorm of criticism, Carson told Sean Hannity of Fox ‘News’ [quotes around ‘News’ added by Pitts – he’s a Fox hater, you know] that he would accept a Muslim who rejects Islam and ‘clearly will swear to place our Constitution above their religion.’ Given that ‘our’ Constitution explicitly forbids a religious litmus test for elective office, that hypothetical Muslim should respond to Carson as follows: You first.”

With all due respect, Mr. Pitts, you make no sense. You, sir, have a litmus test. You would not vote for a conservative, someone who is pro-life, or someone who does not support gay marriage – would you? But you try to use the Constitution to take away Dr. Carson’s right to vote for whom he chooses? Who is the bigot here?

I have a litmus test. I would not vote for anyone who supports beheadings, honor killings, female genital mutilation, ownership of women — you know – cultural stuff like that. Maybe I’m a feminist.

You can email Pitts at lpitts@miamiherald.com. If he responds, it will be with a sarcastic remark. Be prepared.

What Cal Thomas said.

Thomas writes for the Tribune New Service. His comments are logical, and are the polar opposite of the PC garbage quoted above.

“Two years ago, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom reported that 10 of the 15 ‘worst violators of religious freedom’ in the world are nations in which Islam is the dominant religion.”

Yes, we’re better than them. But they’re not very good.

Thomas even quoted the singer Art Garfunkel.

“Garfunkel noted that Muslims are transforming Europe. He referenced ‘Reflections of the Revolution in Europe.’ A 2009 book by Christopher Caldwell, which argues that ‘mass immigration by Muslims is altering the culture of Europe because of their reluctance to join the culture of their new homelands.’ The book claims Muslims do not so much enhance European culture as supplant it, and are ‘patiently conquering Europe’s cities, street by street.’”

Is there evidence in our country of this supplanting of cultures? Read the newspapers and see what you think. Look at Dearborn, Michigan. Look at Irving, Texas.

Thomas closed his column thusly:

“We are at war with a radical ideology that wishes to destroy the West and drastically alter our way of life. That is what Ben Carson was getting at when he made his remarks about a Muslim president in the White House.”

You may email Cal Thomas at tcaeditors@tribpub.com.

The frozen snake.

It’s like the old fable. The tender woman brought the frozen snake in from the cold and thawed him.

Video: Al Wilson’s “The Snake”

The snake then proceeded to bite her and she lay dying as the snake explained:

“You knew I was a snake when you brought me in.”

We have seen the ravages of Islamic terrorism for generations. We saw it come home on 9/11. We saw a PC U.S. Army stand aside and allow the jihadist attack at Fort Hood. We saw the Boston marathon bombings. We know what can happen and what probably will happen if we do what Europe has done and open our gates wide. But the Council on American Islamic Relations works hard to convince us otherwise –and uses our own political correctness rules against us. They are aided and abetted by “ignoramuses” like Parker, Wilkinson, and Pitts.

As for me, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump are still on my list of candidates I can support.


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