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By Lynn Woolley

Could it happen? You betcha! Here’s how.

Just imagine that Donald Trump says something that really gets him in trouble – to the point that virtually all the big players in the Republican Party jump ship. Now imagine that the FBI refers Hillary Clinton to the Justice Department for indictment in the server scandal.

Both of these things could happen – and if they do, the parties will turn to someone else.

"Creepy" Joe Biden with Jeb!

“Creepy” Joe Biden with Jeb!

The Democrats likely have their man – Vice President Joe Biden. Biden is said to be waiting in the wings; and no, the Dems will not go for Bernie Sanders. The Republicans would probably love to choose Jeb Bush, and if both parties are in turmoil – they just might. Remember, these are political parties that are not part of the government, and they can nominate whomever they wish.

Bush versus Biden is absolutely a possibility.

Why Joe Biden?

There are a number of reason why the Democrats would go with Vice President Biden. They simply do not have much of a bench – outside of Elizabeth Warren – and Biden is experienced and battle tested. His frequent gaffes are always written off as “…that’s just Joe…” and he never gets into serious trouble for them.

And he reportedly wants it. Some stories say that he regrets not having jumped in. This all makes him the perfect compromise. He is not the flaming socialist that Sanders is, and he has only a few minor scandals as baggage –stuff like some old plagiarism charges.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Politico)

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Photo: Politico)

For her part, Warren is seen as a female version of Sanders – too left-wing and too socialist to win a general election –and she’s saddled with her silly claims about her heritage. The Castro brothers – the ones from San Antonio – are pretty much what’s left. They are babies in a political sense without national profiles and they are saddled with a last name they share with two other famous Castros. So it’s gotta be Biden if Hill goes down.

Cal Thomas writes in his column that he was sitting in the FOX News green room with Bradley Blakeman who served as a member of President George W. Bush’s White House staff. Blakeman believes the FBI has been waiting for the primaries to end before making a move against Hillary. He believes that there will be soon be some sort of recommendation regarding a possible indictment. He told Thomas that if there is a grand jury empaneled or if she is indicted prior to the Democratic National Convention, that would be the time to find another nominee – Joe Biden.

Video: Monica Crowley defends Donald Trump and discusses Judge Curiel on FOX News

Why Jeb Bush?

Have you forgotten? It’s Jeb’s turn. Jeb Bush, part of a major political dynasty, was the darling of the Establishment before Trump and Cruz took him down. If you hook up the bigwigs to a lie detector, chances are they still want him as nominee. A close second might be Mitt Romney, already a two-time loser.

Radio host Hugh Hewitt has already called for a rules change so that Trump can be thrown under the bus in Cleveland and somebody else can take his place. That someone will not be Ted Cruz. We are headed for two political conventions in which the will of the people may not matter.

Video: Conservative Radio Host Hugh Hewitt Says GOP Should Change Convention Rules to Dump Trump

I expect that Trump will get the nomination unless he does or says something more outrageous that what he’s already said. His comments about Judge Gonzalo Curiel come close – but Trump may be saved by the fact that the Judge seems to have some loose ties to La Raza Unida. However, if Trump fails to begin uniting the Republican Party, the bosses may decide that he can’t win and change the rules in order to dump him.

A Hillary grand jury/indictment would empower them to choose someone like Bush or Romney or Scott Walker. You may have thought the 2000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore could not end in a tie. It did. You may think a Bush-Biden race in 2016 cannot happen. It can.


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