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Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz ALIGN Against Trump

By Ben Barrack

Racial Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel defended by Cruz and Jeb! [1]

Racial Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel defended by Cruz and Jeb!

Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz are in agreement on Donald Trump. Both men think Trump stepped over the line [2] when he called out a Mexican judge who is presiding over a legal case in which Trump is a defendant. Instead of standing with Trump against a judge who is clearly fixated on matters of race, Jeb! and Cruz are defending the racially charged judge [1] against Trump.

This unified Republican front against Trump is not new.

In the wake of the Islamic terrorist shootings in Paris, France last year and then later in San Bernardino, Donald Trump called for a travel ban on all Muslims entering the U.S. It wasn’t liberals who stood against Trump; it was every other Republican presidential candidate [3] in the race for the nomination.

Now, after Trump had the fortitude to call out a judge Gonzalo Curiel who is connected to La Raza (The Race), for ruling against him out of political bias instead of based on the law, the same batch of Republican political cowards are uniting against Trump.

The sad thing is that Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich are among them. [1]

Now, in what should be the kiss of death for the likes of Cruz and Newt, even Jeb Bush is taking their side against Trump.


“Donald Trump should retract his comments, not defend them,” the former Florida governor tweeted. “There is no place for racism in the GOP, or this country.”

Therein lies the rub because it is not Trump who is exhibiting racism; it is the judge about whom he has been critical. That judge’s name is Gonzalo Curiel and not only does Curiel belong to racist organizations with the words “La Raza” (The Race) in the name. He fails to fully disclose those affiliations or leanings while portraying objectivity.

Any Republican official, politician, commentator, et. al. who has a problem with Trump’s stand should just become a Democrat because he/she is too politically correct for what this country needs right now.

Here is Cruz from 2015, telling us he would not support Trump’s Muslim ban while declaring legislation would cure all our ills (at the 4:45 mark, Cruz expresses disagreement with Trump’s proposed ban. It is at about this point in time that the relationship between Cruz and Trump began heading south):

And, of course, here is Jeb in 2014 saying that illegal aliens come to America as “an act of love”: