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It’s time for The Mighty Kasich to step down

By Lynn Woolley

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Ohio Governor John Kasich seems to think there’s something in it for him to stay in a losing battle for the GOP nomination.

Trump is helped as long as Kasich stays in. (Photo: Associated Press - Tony Dejak) [2]

Trump is helped as long as Kasich stays in. (Photo: Associated Press – Tony Dejak)

Actually, there’s something in it for Donald Trump.

At this late date, it might not make any difference, but if Kasich dropped out of the race, at least voters in the last group of primaries would have a clear choice between a true outsider and a principled conservative. With Kasich in, columnist Michael Barone says [3], “A vote for Kasich is a vote for Trump.”

Here’s why. Trump and Cruz need to reach 1,237 delegates to take the nomination. Right now, Trump has 739. Cruz has 465 and Kasich has 143. Kasich cannot win, yet he can pull Cruz down enough so that Trump wins most remaining delegates in winner-take-all primaries – or those that award delegates by congressional district.

With Kasich in, Trump has a big advantage.

Video: FOX News discusses whether Kasich should drop out

If you like Trump, urge Kasich to stay in as a spoiler.

Kasich likes to brag about polls that show him beating Hillary Clinton in the general election. But there are some major howevers. The main rap on Kasich is that he can’t even win a primary outside his home state of Ohio.

Thanks to the vagaries of early voting, Kasich managed to lose to a candidate that was no longer in the race in Arizona. According to Barone, Rubio received 70,587 votes in Arizona, probably because so many people had voted early. In any case, Rubio picked up 17,595 more votes than did The Mighty Kasich. Even this colossal embarrassment did not put a dent in Kasich’s determination or his ego.

Video: Kasich tells CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that he has no intention of ever dropping out

Besides, we have not yet started the general election campaign. So any advantage Kasich has in early polling could easily evaporate when he comes under attack from the Clinton Machine. So if Kasich wants to keep Trump out of the Oval Office, he should drop out and throw his support to Cruz as former candidate Scott Walker did t [4]oday.

Video: Gov Scott Walker Endorses Ted Cruz for President on the Charlie Sykes Show | March 29, 2016

As for Kasich’s hopes of being vice president [5] or becoming the nominee at a brokered convention [6]– fat chance!

Trump, if nominated, will go for a woman, a Hispanic, or a black running mate. He will have to since he’s alienated all those groups. The early polls for Trump versus Hillary [7] show her about 11 points ahead. These numbers are more valid that those for Kasich because the people are so much more familiar with Trump.

The future for John Kasich is in Ohio.

Kasich is popular in his home state as his win there showed. But he has not made any headway anywhere else. The Republican Party needs to maintain its stable of governors, in the event that Trump gets nominated and loses to Hillary Clinton. Governor Kasich can be of some value if he will drop out now and stay put in Columbus.