If Obama’s “Hope & Change” doesn’t fire up conservatives, nothing will.

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Jul 28, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Barack Obama has shown us the way. He has channeled Saul Alinsky. He has taken no prisoners. He has rammed through a liberal agenda not seen since the days of FDR or Lyndon Johnson. He has turned us into the Progressive States of America using legislative tricks like “reconciliation,” along with executive orders, and decisions from a pliable Supreme Court. Note to the conservative movement: we can do that too!

President Obama

President Obama

Instead of moping as some of us are doing, we should be reloading. We’ve had success on Second Amendment and pro-life issues. We can do more. Obama promised change and he delivered. What does that tell us? First, it says it can be done. Second, it takes leadership. Obama’s change has been virtually all bad. But we’ve seen how he did it. Now, let’s elect a real leader. And let’s never back down.

Are you ready for a fight?

I am. I’m rarin’ to go.

I want to control the border, manage who comes into our country, abolish birthright citizenship, abolish same-sex marriage, protect the unborn, kill the Income Tax Code, get the Feds out of our local schools, make the curriculum in our public universities fair and balanced, restore the traditional family, balance the budget and draw down the national debt, appoint constitutional Supreme Court justices, lower taxes, cut spending, get back to a free market, reduce the size of the federal government, restore our military to full power, repair the racial divide, and get back to constitutional government.

We can do it the same way Obama took us backward. We can and should use his tactics against the Left. Here is the problem:

THEY fight. WE don’t.

“THEY” are the liberal, progressive, anti Christian, government loving, tax and spending socialists on the Left. WE have to fight, too. It starts with leadership. Right now, the Republican Party is rudderless. There is no leadership. John Boehner is a weak Speaker of the House and Mitch McConnell has establishment dripping off of him.

What’s the good news?

The Democrats have run out of leaders. When Obama retires, Hillary Clinton appears to be the best they have. She is a creature of the nineties, corrupt, and weak. We can beat her like a drum unless we nominate her GOP clone—Jeb Bush.

Video: FACE THE NATIAON published on May 31, 2015 – Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, talks about his proposals for how to reform immigration and Social Security.

Hillary and Jeb are part and parcel of the Status Quo.

Make no mistake. That is what we are fighting. The Status Quo that keeps politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats conformable in their Washington womb – safe and secure with money flowing in and big campaign machines to keep it that way.

Who’s NOT Status Quo?

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did an incredible thing. He made promises – and kept them. He was almost alone in his battle to defeat Obamacare. But he stood strong. He is not Status Quo and that is why he is reviled by the establishment.

Carly Fiorina is the most amazing of all the GOP candidates when she gets on TV. She takes no crap from CNN liberals or the Hillary Clinton plants at the Big Three networks.

Video: Published on Apr 13, 2015 – former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina has been unrelenting in her attacks on Hillary Clinton, and so the Morning Joe duo of Mika Brzezinski and Steve Rattner attempted to assist Hillary.

Ben Carson is nothing short of a phenomenon. He is the smartest of all the candidates in a book-sense and he could heal the racial divide that Obama has created.

Scott Walker has defeated the Democrats in Wisconsin over and over.

Marco Rubio is weak on immigration and tax policy, but he represents a fresh face as does Rand Paul.

In fact, ALL the GOP candidates except for Bush would restore this country to exceptionalism – IF we play the game like the Democrats do.

How to derail the Homosexual agenda.

The liberals made it cool by glorifying it in the movies and on TV. We can un-glorify it the same way – showing how it destroys lives. (And it does.) Besides, the Boy Scouts may vanish as a viable group – and that would be a sign that something is wrong.

How to derail Obamacare.

Make a new plan, Stan – and throw out Obamacare. The Supreme Court cannot stop Congress from tossing it. In fact, ALL of Obama’s ignorant policies can be stopped. We can do it. All we need is two things:

The right leadership! And the will to win.


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