FBI Investigation CAUGHT Huma LYING to Them and LET HER OFF TOO! Huma Should Have Been Indicted Too

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Hillary Not the Only One Let Off the FBI Hook

By Ben Barrack

The FBI recently released its notes on the investigation of Hillary Clinton. Those notes are very explosive. Close Hillary Clinton confidante Huma Abedin was caught lying to the FBI. Lying to the FBI is a felony. The two screen shots below reveal that Huma did just that. First, note who recommended that Hillary use a private server:

Clearly, Huma recommended Hillary use a private email server in 2009.

That’s not what Huma told investigators. She told the FBI that she didn’t learn about the server until years later.

Abedin tells FBI she did not know about private server.

That is an obvious contradiction. It is impossible to reconcile without concluding that Huma lied. Huma was part of a team that rejected following the rules. The outrage over Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend an indictment of Hillary should extend to Huma as well. Huma’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood point to her being a spy. Had she been indicted, it could have been plea bargain time.

Huma’s Deposition Reveals SHE KNEW

Huma was deposed by Judicial Watch a few days before the FBI interviewed Hillary. In her deposition, Huma indicates she was aware of Hillary’s private email:



How did Huma know Hillary had a private email but not know she had a private server? Again, this squares with her lying to federal agents when she said she learned about the server in 2013.

The State Department brass offered Hillary an official email. Huma was part of the team that turned down that offer. If that is true, how can it be believed that Huma did not know about a private server until 2013? How did she think her boss communicated, with string and soup cans?



Neither Hillary nor Huma had the authority to decline an official email address. Yet, it appears Huma recommended Hillary use a private server and then lied about it.

Open Defiance of Protocol

The State Foreign Affairs Manual mandates that State employees use an approved (secure) email system. Hillary’s team did not. Huma helped to spearhead that protocol breach. Evidence shows those charged with mandating that protocol be followed were intimidated by Hillary’s team. Check out what the State Department’s Inspector General report found:


Why would Bentel tell employees to stand down? Why would State employees allow protocol not to be followed? The job of John Bentel as Director of the State Executive Secretariat’s Office of Information Resource Management (S/ES-IRM) was to ensure compliance in this regard. The FBI interviewed Bentel. He said concerns about Hillary’s email arrangement were never brought to his attention. Even if true, it still got by him.

Either Bentel lied or he failed to do his job to ensure Hillary used an official email. Employees who singled Bentel out have more credibility as a result.

State Dept S/ES-IRM Director John Bental (L) and Hillary (R)

State Dept S/ES-IRM Director John Bental (L) and Hillary (R)

A Bigger Picture

Hillary, Huma and other members of the inner circle breached protocol and put the country at risk.

If Hillary’s team was able to intimidate State Department bureaucrats about a private server, what’s to say that intimidation didn’t extend to other areas?

Based on her familial connections to Saudi Arabia and the Muslim Brotherhood, Huma never should have received a security clearance. Yet, she did. How and why?

The reaction of Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) to a question posed to him at a 2012 town hall meeting indicates he took far too much on faith. When asked about Huma’s connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, Sensenbrenner scoffed. He said there was no way Huma could have gotten a security clearance with such connections.

After Hillary’s email scandal, we all should know better. Sensenbrenner should definitely be more intellectually curious:

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