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By Lynn Woolley

Articles by and about Bill Clinton’s old Arkansas flames keep popping up.

The latest is a series of articles by Sally Miller – Sally Perdue if you prefer – in which she vividly describes her brief but passionate fling with the husband of the current Democratic frontrunner.

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Miller leaves nothing to the imagination, describing their lovemaking sessions and Bill’s physical attributes –or lack of – in great detail.

Sally Miller (Photo: Daily Mail)

Sally Miller (Photo: Daily Mail)

Mitt Romney or John McCain might let this all pass. But will Trump? Look, if Trump picked up the ludicrous National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald, I doubt that he will pass on Bill’s affairs.

It will be an interesting battle. Hillary was in charge of “bimbo eruptions” when she was co-president. That will not stop Trump and I have no doubt that he is planning a major offensive.

SALLY MILLER: “When I met Bill Clinton and the first time we were together.”

That’s the title of the first in a series. Trump is no doubt laughing his head off and Hillary is no doubt mad as hell. Miller has claimed in the past that she worries about retribution from the Clintons. But she’s writing as fast her fingers can fly over the keyboard.

The content of her article is mesmerizing. But the question it leads to is ever better: Will an old bimbo eruption have any effect on Hillary’s campaign? Remember, the American people have forgiven Bill for his sexual adventures. Even the U.S. Senate let him off the hook for perjuring himself over it.

First, the juicy details.  

Hill & Bill

Hill & Bill

Here is a short excerpt from her article in that tells you what you’re (admit it) curious about:

Bill’s not the most handsome man I’ve known but he made me feel like my breasts were the right size, my legs were the perfect length, I had an incredible body and, on top of all that, I was beautiful. There aren’t many men who know how to make a woman feel that way.

And she had some choice memories about how bill is hung:

Bill could sometimes be a clown in the bedroom and… I soon guessed why. As long as our relationship stayed playful, I might not take a “second look” at the size of his penis. Yes, it performed well but, it was a little-boy penis that just never quite–grew-up. Bill was multi-faceted in bed which made up for his small package. He had an array of talents, like being a marvelous kisser, toucher, and possessing a mouth that operated with perfect precision.

She goes on to opine that Bill’s bedroom skills were not honed on Hillary alone. She once told the Daily Mail that she worries about Hillary and sleeps with a loaded semi-automatic. That’s not stopping her from writing about Bedroom Billy.

Her Wikipedia entry also references her concern about the Clintons and how mean they are:

Sally Perdue (also known as Sally Miller and Myra Belle Milleris a former 1958 Miss Arkansas and Little Rock radio talk show host. She was a top-10 finalist in the 1958 Miss America pageant. In 1994, Perdue stated that she had had an affair with then-governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas in 1983. She also stated that she had been asked not to reveal the affair by a former Democratic party staffer in 1992 who told her that “they knew that I went jogging by myself and he couldn’t guarantee what would happen to my pretty little legs.”

Miller/Perdue isn’t the only lady coming out of the woodwork. In January, Juanita Broaddrick was talking about the alleged rape she claims she suffered at the hands of Bill Clinton:

“I was 35 years old when Bill Clinton, Ark. Attorney General raped me and Hillary tried to silence me,” Juanita Broaddrick tweeted from her home in Van Buren, Ark. “I am now 73. . . . it never goes away.”

OK. That’s two women. There’s still Paula Corbin Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey and others. These women could form a cabal to take on Hillary.

Why it matters.

It matters because Hillary Clinton is such a big, hypocritical feminist. She has recently claimed that women who claim sexual abuse “have a right to be believed.” She seems to believe that all men that have taken advantage of women should be punished – except Bill. She needs Bill, and she gives him a pass.

Video: Hillary sends a message to women: You have a right to be believed

Trump will never let it go.

Unless I miss my guess, Trump is going to nail her on this hypocrisy –and well he should. The Clintons seem to get away with everything, and I believe the electorate will enjoy watching Trump and Hillary battle over this issue. So far, Bill and Hillary have been untouched politically by Bill’s philandering. With Trump as the Republican nominee, they may finally pay a price.

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