How and When did Paul Ryan Become Paul Ruin?

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By Barrack

Is Paul Ryan being blackmailed? Threatened? There is no proof but unless he’s been deceiving the American people all along, it makes the most sense. He’s actually owed that as a possibility as it is more compassionate than labeling him a traitor. We also know that the Democratic Party is evil and is not bound by the constraints of any moral standard. It’s now the party of Alinsky which says, “the end justifies almost any means”.

Alinsky: Forefather of today's Democrat Party.

Alinsky: Forefather of today’s Democrat Party.

The recent Omnibus bill that was passed cements Ryan’s legacy firmly in the camp of anti-Americanism in much the same way that Chief Justice John Roberts did his own in two Obamacare rulings. Those rulings were so convoluted that blackmail has been put forth as a possibility for them.

In fact, the Omnibus bill that Ryan allowed to pass with a majority of Democrat support – so much for the Hastert Rule, which says that no bill passes without a majority of Republican votes – is said to make it even more difficult to repeal Obamacare. The reason? It rewards the fat cats and power brokers by giving them a vested interest in making sure it remains.

(as an aside, we learned earlier this year that Hastert was surely a candidate for blackmail when he was Speaker and has since been charged crimes that show he allowed himself to be blackmailed)

Do you remember how well Ryan led the fight against Obamacare in 2010? Do you remember how thoroughly and openly he eviscerated the bill to Barack Obama’s face during the televised forum? Every step of the way, Ryan was a conservative champion; he led; he fought to the very end. Other Republican Congressmen marveled at how well he understood the fraud and put it under the spotlight for all to see.

Do you remember this?

Then came Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY). Do you remember her illegal and outrageous “deem and pass” technique to get around reconciliation? Ryan fought that too, to the very end:

Then, something happened. He’s not the same. At some point, he threw his lot in with the establishment. In 2012, Ryan was believed to be the one Republican vice presidential nominee that could bridge the divide between conservatives and the establishment. He was not; he flailed.

Now as Speaker of the House – a job Ryan didn’t want and cited his family as the primary reason – he is proving to be no different than his predecessor. In fact, he may be worse. Just this week, he allowed a criminal Omnibus bill to pass but had the power and the votes to prevent it. Instead, it went through with a majority of Democratic support.

Ryan flailed in 2012.

Ryan flailed in 2012.

Could it be that where Ryan is today is his reward… or his punishment?

Let’s face it, Ryan made life miserable for Obamacare proponents and he certainly embarrassed Obama himself like no one else had. For six minutes, Obama – who loves to be able to portray ignorance and avoid being caught just as Ryan caught him – became full of rage. Now, for whatever reason, Ryan is the man in charge of the House of Representatives and is doing the bidding of Obama.

In actuality, giving Ryan the benefit of the doubt involves investigating blackmail because if he’s not being blackmailed, he’s a traitor to his nation. I personally do not believe that’s what Ryan wants to do. Is it possible that forces were brought to bare against him that none of us could possibly understand?

It’s the only thing that makes sense, unless you believe that Paul Ryan has been evil all along and actually wants to ruin this country.

Obama and Ryan

Obama and Ryan

One thing we’ve learned about Obama is what has become known as the Limbaugh Theorem, which states that Obama will never be blamed for the destruction wrought by his own hands. In this case, Ryan is doing what Obama wants and his catching flak from conservatives. In fact, right now conservatives are angrier with Ryan than they are at Obama; that’s just how Obama would want it.

Perhaps Obama set out to ruin Ryan after Ryan did to Obama what Obama hates more than anything – being exposed.

Ryan made Obama look stupid and now Ryan looks corrupt by his own hand, which is just how Obama would do it.

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