Hillary’s Freudian Slip: “We are going to raise taxes on the Middle Class”

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Aug 7, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Fearing that my shell-like ears had deceived me, I had to hear this sound bite again. Folks, she said it loud and clear:

“We are going to raise taxes on the middle class.”

A Freudian slip is, of course, when someone accidentally says something she really means. Hillary said this –with billionaire left-winger Warren Buffett by her side – and never missed a beat. Buffett made no move to correct her. The audience cheered. Now folks, Republicans are characterized by the media as mind-numbed robots.

But listen to this clip and see if you can figure why they cheer something so obviously out of kilter. These are mind-numbed robots of the Left, programmed to cheer anything Hillary says – even if it is something she didn’t mean to reveal. But if she spends as she has promised – she WILL have to raise taxes on the middle class.

CLICK HERE  and CLICK HERE to read the media’s attempts to cover for her.

Video: Hillary and Warren warn the middle class to watch their pocketbooks if Dems keep the White House (August 3, 2016 in Omaha)

How else would Hillary pay for her programs?

She wants to keep and expand Obamacare – a program that is already a major redistribution scheme that is sending the cost of healthcare up. She wants free college tuition for some families. This quote is from her own campaign website:

Let’s … make debt-free college available to everyone. … And let’s liberate the millions of Americans who already have student debt.
Hillary, June 22, 2016

Under her plan, ALL junior colleges will be tuition free. She will set up a $25 billion fund to support black colleges and those that cater to Hispanics. She will coerce states to spend more money on higher education. President Hillary herself promises to cut interest rates.

CLICK HERE for Hillary’s big-spending plans as outlined on her website.

Clinton in Omaha with Buffett on 8/2/16.

Clinton in Omaha with Buffett on 8/2/16.

This promise is the funniest:

Hillary’s plan will crack down on predatory schools, lenders, and bill collectors.

Perhaps she doesn’t realize that the Federal Government has already nationalized student loans. Banks just serve as a conduit. Maybe she thinks the government is a predatory lender.

Hillary wants a new Stimulus plan.

One thing you can say about Democrats. If something doesn’t work, like Obama’s Stimulus – they try again, except with more money. This is from her website:

In my first 100 days as president, I will work with both parties to pass a comprehensive plan to create the next generation of good jobs. Now the heart of my plan will be the biggest investment in American infrastructure in decades, including establishing an infrastructure bank that will bring private sector dollars off the sidelines and put them to work there.
Hillary, June 22, 2016

Okay. Obama spent billions and Hillary will spend more billions. More than Obama did. Remember we have a near $20 trillion national debt.

So, yep! She will tax the middle class.

If you read the things she promises to do on her website you can see that she will, indeed nail the middle class with massive tax increases. There is no other way to pay for all the government she wants.

Maybe it wasn’t a Freudian slip at all. Maybe she was just letting us know that she intends to lower the boom. If we elect her, and she follows through – we’re almost certainly looking at another big recession.

And Hillary’s mind-numbed robots will applaud.


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