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By Ben Barrack

It’s been reported this week that Google is intentionally manipulating algorithms and search results to the benefit of Hillary Clinton. By itself this video presents an extremely compelling case of collusion between the Hillary camp and Google. However, what makes the case even more compelling is a very unsavory relationship between Google and Hillary in the past, dating back to at least 2007. There are two incredibly damning examples presented after this powerful video, via SourceFed:

Hillary Uncensored Completely removed from Top 100 Google Videos in 2007.

Hillary Uncensored Completely removed from Top 100 Google Videos in 2007.

Google’s categorical denials of anything untoward notwithstanding, let’s go back to 2007 and a video called Hillary Uncensored. I was involved in the marketing of this video over several months and when the views finally began to take off in the fall of that year, I monitored the success daily; the 13 minute movie trailer was going viral in October.

Google most certainly took notice.

In 2007, Google and YouTube hadn’t yet merged. At the time, Google had a “top 100” videos feature. After the video was posted to Lucianne Goldberg’s blog in October, the documentary was consistently in the top 10 of Google’s videos, taking the number one slot for several days in a row. It generated 3 million views in just a few weeks.

Then, all of a sudden, on the morning of Saturday, November 3rd – after having consistently held the number one spot – the trailer was no longer available on Google. After a period of about 1-2 hours, it was back up but not only was the trailer no longer the number one video; it was out of the top 100 entirely.

As I wrote in Unsung Davids, p. 20-22:

“The #1 video was suddenly and inexplicably ‘Soulja Boy’ and Hillary Uncensored was no longer even listed as one of the top 100 videos… The sudden removal from the top 100 Google videos greatly diminished the inertia of exponentially increasing viewership. This happened after the video had experienced several days in the number one spot.”

That it would drop out of the top 100 so suddenly after several weeks at or near the top made no sense, unless Google manipulated… the… algorithms. Of course, this all happened at a time when Hillary was gearing up for a dog fight with Barack Obama.

The documentary had it all – Hollywood movie stars, music stars, wealthy businessmen, Stan Lee, et. al. The man at the center of the documentary is a man named Peter Paul, a once wealthy real estate mogul with a nose for business. The saga starts when he agreed to put on a lavish Hollywood fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton in the summer of 2000. In exchange, Bill Clinton agreed to work with Paul and Stan Lee after leaving office.

Here is the trailer that would have destroyed Hillary in 2008 if had been allowed to flourish on its own and not interfered with by Google:

How about another example?

In January of this year, a batch of Hillary’s now scandalous emails sent through her own private server were released. One such email revealed overt collusion between Google, Al-Jazeera and Hillary when she was Secretary of State. The email in question was sent by Director of Google Ideas Jared Cohen on July 25, 2012.

In the email, Cohen volunteers that Google had partnered with (colluded with) Al-Jazeera to track defections from Syria. Ostensibly, he was doing so because he thought it would be a good tool for Hillary’s people to use relative to foreign policy in Syria at the time. That policy involved assisting the Muslim Brotherhood rebels against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.


Donald Trump has already publicly stated that if Google is helping Hillary by altering predictive search results, it is a disgrace. These other two examples should demonstrate that it’s far more likely that Google has been helping Hillary for years and this is just the latest example.

How many other examples are there that we don’t know about?

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