Hillary Clinton never had a Glass Ceiling

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Jul 27, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

The Glass Ceiling has been shattered! Democrats cry on the convention floor! The media goes nuts celebrating this amazing achievement!

There’s just one problem.

hillary_clinton_ap---If there even is a glass ceiling – Hillary Clinton was never subjected to it. She worked on the Watergate Committee, married Bill and got a cushy job at the Rose Law Firm while he played politics in Arkansas.

She was twice First Lady of Arkansas. She became a co-president of the United States for two terms. Then, she moved to New York to be handed a senate seat on a silver platter. She was on her way to a presidential nomination when Obama destroyed her – but she got a big consolation prize: Secretary of State.

If she’s been held back by a glass ceiling in her lifetime – many other women would like to have the same privilege. Carly Fiorina REALLY shattered the glass ceiling.

Video: Hillary shatters Glass Ceiling as Dems go hog-wild on identity politics

First black president. First woman president. Bull!

Barack Obama is a privileged man of mixed race with ZERO connection to the civil rights past of many American blacks. I think our first authentic black president is still to come. Ben Carson would be an ideal candidate for the FBP. He overcame a lot of things to rise to the top of his profession. He is real. So is Herman Cain. Obama is an academic/community organizer who’s been groomed for a life in political office.

Hillary Clinton, a multi-millionaire who has sucked off taxpayers for decades and who is a corrupt pathological liar, does not impress me as a candidate for FWP. I think that title should go a woman who rose to the top of her profession without having to be married to a philanderer like Bill Clinton. The FWP should be a woman with big ideas about how to make America great again. Carly Fiorina would be an authentic and worthy candidate.

Identity politics.

Hillary Clinton never faced any glass ceiling. Never. She has been handed everything she’s ever gotten. She’s never had to achieve anything. Democrats don’t ask for much. With Hillary, they are not getting it.


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