Hillary cannot fix the Obama mess by giving us more of it.

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By Lynn Woolley

How ’bout them Democrats? They came. They met. They lied. They left. Oh, yes – and they sounded like Republicans.

It is starkly sad that the Dems seemed to have little choice but to try and sound like the GOP. Their party is a sad and angry one that lifts up abortion and homosexuality and has presented the country with a “new normal” that is nothing but lowered expectations.

Obama-Hillary-MSNBCThey’ve had power for almost 8 years and President Obama has gotten his way on most things. Yet the mood of the country is for change.

Hillary’s goal was to kiss up to Obama and still sound like an agent of change.

She and the Dems failed miserably at that. The country has to know that with her in office, there will be no change. That’s why we got chants of “USA” and talk of e pluribus unum. That is just not who the Democrats are – and voters know that. They are the party of diversity – the opposite of “Out of many, one.”

Video: In her convention speech, Hillary invokes the Founders and e pluribus unum — the opposite of standard Democratic rhetoric

If Hillary is Obama’s third term, here’s what we get more of…

The economy is stuck in modest growth of about 1.2 percent in the second quarter. That’s not standing still, but it’s close. Middle class wage earners whose salaries are frozen in place – as well as those who have literally dropped out of the labor market cannot be happy with the status quo. The National Debt is nearing $20 trillion.

If it’s still the economy, stupid, the Democrats have no prayer.

On the other hand, if it’s safety and terrorism that Americans are worried about, the Dems fail there as well. Mass murders perpetrated by radical Islamists in San Bernardino and Orlando are still fresh in people’s minds. And then comes Nice, France and yet another attack – and the Democrats will not name the enemy.

So if it’s terrorism – the Dems have no prayer.

Race relations is another glaring weakness. Five policemen assassinated in Dallas and three more in Baton Rouge. President Obama always opens his mouth and says things to make the situation worse. Some of the blue-on-black violence is questionable policing – but incidents in Ferguson and Baltimore have not resulted in any cops being found guilty in our justice system.

If your vote is on race relations – Dems are in trouble.

Then, there’s foreign affairs: Libya, Egypt, Gaza, Syria, North Korea, Russia, China – where has the Obama administration succeeded? The answer is – virtually nowhere. And the woman who was Obama’s Secretary of State when Benghazi happened is promising more of the same.

The Democrats’ record is not good.

Obamacare—a cruel joke that send healthcare costs skyrocketing. The nuclear agreement with Iran? Does anybody think that will work out?

Where have the Dems succeeded?

Obama has concentrated on redistribution and social justice. We should all be equal by the time he’s done but we won’t be. Poverty is pretty much where it’s been and Obama has expanded welfare. The Dems have unloaded on guns but Chicago still has a bloodbath every weekend.

They have fought hard – and won – in the areas of a woman’s right to choose; making sure people with no photo ID can vote; gay marriage; and climate change issues. On that last thing – note that the Democrats make hay off of scaring the country half to death over climate change that is always extrapolated 50 years out. None of their predictions ever happen. But that’s OK. They sell carbon credits and that’s the point anyway.

Then comes Donald Trump who laid out the case that the Democrats have screwed up the country and much of the world. The media went ballistic saying that Trump was negative and not uplifting. He was also correct. The Democrats will bequeath quite a mess to the next president.

That’s why they tried to sound like Republicans.

Hillary cannot fix the Obama mess by giving us more of it. But that’s precisely what she promised. The party that does not believe the United States is an exceptional country cannot win by chanting “USA.” They cannot promise free education and healthcare as a right – when we’re $20 trillion in debt.

So ask yourself the question. If your party has been in power for 8 years and you’ve done the things you wanted to do – and still, the country is a mess and the people are in a sour mood, what do you do?

You try to sound like the other guys. That’s what.


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