Hidden Element of “Government Gone Wild” syndrome controlled by people of Influence & Wealth

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Feb 28, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Sid Frasier

Transformation by Executive Order

The people of the United States were given the responsibility to elected a person that historically has been the most powerful position in the world. Instead they chose a person that has transfigured and weakened the future of our country like no one in our history. obama-hope-and-change 2008

He has surrounded himself with willing accomplices.

His accomplices see no reason to have laws, unless these laws can be manipulated to carryout the diabolical stages of this radical alteration. The last six years have produced a constant assault on moral values, racial unity, energy independence, free enterprise, healthcare, fiscal responsibility, Christianity, military supremacy, boarder security and many of the founding principles outlined in the Constitution.

Why do we have a Congress and a Judicial Branch if they stand by and do nothing to stop these “crimes against humanity?” Does that phrase sound harsh? Well, my fellow citizens, these techniques are the same ones employed by brutal dictators as good people and victims were powerless to stop it! Just because it has yet to result in genocide, brutality and mass riots; it still has devastating long term effects.

Often due to eloquent messaging and apathy, far reaching mandates are enacted by the stroke of a pen. The bobble-headed followers have been programmed to trust that they will benefit without any sense of consequences. Where are the checks and balances? Where are the people elected to stop the hijacking of America? Who would think of shutting down a small segment of the massive government to stop lawlessness? Could it be that government has grown beyond critical mass?

Is government now too big to fail?

As we watch government and the people entrusted to preserve the Republic and stop the abuse of power; we can simply see indications of a broken system. The people that love this country are in disbelief that their system of government that took over 200 years to refine is now being dismantled.

Career politicians are so focused on their personal enrichment and their desire to retain a sense of elitism that they simply go along and get along (not what you would expect of leaders.) We have a government system run mainly by people with legal backgrounds. In most cases, they write the laws, they interpret the laws, they manipulate the laws, and they ignore the laws… Why? Because they understand at certain levels there are no consequences. Agencies within the government now think nothing of asserting unlimited power over the people. They justify their actions by the precedents set by executive orders and the knowledge they can get away with it.



There is a hidden element of this “Government Gone Wild” syndrome controlled by influential people with tremendous financial clout.

Anyone that doesn’t understand the power of extortion within a culture of corruption is simply out of touch with reality. This extortion expands globally under the disguise of foreign aid, price fixing, humanitarian programs and monopolistic practices. The technique of passing laws, regulations and orders designed to reward a chosen group and penalize others is criminal.

Immigration laws are in place to protect U.S. Citizens, but the recent executive amnesty order provides a form extortion and corruption of our entire election system. The nonsense about raising wages is phoney economics and extortion designed to generate more tax revenue. Today, 85% of elections are won by incumbents not based on the quality of the candidate, but the how well that person plays the game financially and politically. Term limits could stop extortionists from remaining in power for decades… but they don’t exist. Lobbyists rarely seek what is best for all people and form a base for the ongoing practice of political extortion.

The people of this country must wake up to the fact that the lifestyle they take for granted is under attack and being manipulated by government overreach.

It is clear to the “per-cellphone generation” that the hope and change promised is transforming America into a land of dependance and vulnerability. Respect for laws, morals, work ethic, capitalism, and freedoms have gone through radical change with a hope that it will not be recognized before it is irreversible.

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