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Heterosexuals are now effectively a minority.

by Lynn Woolley

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Face it. The United States has become a liberal nation. When the homosexual agenda becomes so powerful that governors and legislatures tremble before it – conservatives have to rethink their strategy.

Gov. Mike Pence faces ABC's Stephanopoulos on ABC's This Week (Photo:"  The Blaze) [2]

Gov. Mike Pence faces ABC’s Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week (Photo: The Blaze)

Of course, that’s assuming they have one. Gays do.

Since the time that President Obama “evolved” on same-sex marriage, no one is allowed to disparage gays in any way. So what if Heather has two moms? TV shows like ABC’s “Modern Family” are making homosexuality appear quite normal. But heterosexuals are losing rights faster than a speeding bullet. Since Hobby Lobby won its court case, gay rights activists have chalked up victory after victory.

Now, Indiana, and other states are backtracking to “clarify” religious freedom laws. The current gay revolution is the major indicator that traditional American values are dead. We are now a very liberal nation.

How do we elect a Republican president in time such as these?

We likely don’t. America has changed under Obama. Unlike any other president in U.S. history, he has changed the face of America. He has been transformational. Liberalism is now our default position. America will likely elect a Democrat in 2016 and we’ll move ahead with climate change legislation and identity politics, and race-based everything. It’s too late for a quick turnaround. Our establishment leaders within the GOP let our advantage slip away.

Indiana is an indicator right now.

Let’s see how long it takes Gov. Mike Pence to totally collapse. He did well on ABC’s “This Week” while being interviewed by George Stephanopoulos, a Democrat Party activist who doubles as a mainstream TV anchor.

Video: YES OR NO! Stephanopoulos grills Gov. Mike Pence.

But Pence and Indiana are weakening. They are already bowing to criticism that their new Religious Freedom Law is anti-gay. Anything perceived as “anti-gay” is now hate speech and is not allowed. Pence has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal [3] explaining his position.

The backlash.

Gays have a lot of help. [4] Angie’s List is mad and may not expand in Indiana. Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post blasting the law. The Indiana-based NCAA hints that it may stop holding events in its home state. Rock band Wilco canceled a May 7th show that was to be held in Indianapolis. The city’s mayor, Greg Ballard (a Republican) is folding like an umbrella saying the law threatens to undermine his city’s economy.

Of course, conservative companies and organizations are rushing to Indiana’s defense – NOT! Folks, there are few conservatives businesses left. We are living in an age of progressivism. Unless strong, conservative leaders emerge soon, Obama has won. He has taken the greatest country on the face of the earth and reformed it to his own specifications.

What does it mean?

It means that male-on-male anal sex is now the norm. Sure, most men – by a VAST majority — are totally disgusted by the thought. Doesn’t matter. Heterosexuals are now effectively a minority. The homosexual agenda is running the country right now and it must not be offended in any way.

This means that if you are a Christian and you run a bakery and two men order a cake for their “wedding,” you do it or the force of the homosexual agenda and possibly the law will come down on your head. You will be shunned and driven out of business. If you sell congratulatory wedding cards, you’d better have same-sex cards on the rack like Target does. In today’s world, it’s better to go against your own beliefs (and science, I might add) than to ruffle gay feathers.

What now?

Progressives are having their way – even with a GOP House and Senate. It just doesn’t seem to matter that Republicans did well in the last election. Obamacare will probably survive all challenges and will become entrenched as a method of redistributing wealth.

Climate change will help Obama and future Democratic presidents to “equalize” the U.S. with developing nations. Tax and spend will be the preferred method of governing since Obamnesy will create millions of entitled citizens who want free government benefits.

Fight now or die.

This country is coming unhinged. The Tea Party movement is a bright spot – but it needs more support. On balance, looking at the population of our metro areas, attendance at Tea Party meetings is low to the extreme. Too many Low Information Voters don’t care. They don’t even see a problem. Obama has become a way of life. We turn this around soon, or we never do — it’s up to all of us.

Meanwhile, I monitor the homosexual agenda and its movement and wonder why the Tea Party movement can’t score major victories. Maybe it’s because schools are teaching liberal values and using tax dollars to do it. Maybe it’s because TV shows are mostly liberal. And movies. And music.

Maybe it’s because states like Indiana have no backbone. Is it time to stand up to the gay rights movement and insist that straights and Christians have rights too? Then why aren’t we doing it?