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Dec 11, 2015 1 Comment ›› admin

By Barrack

George W. Bush (L) and Dana Perino (R)

George W. Bush (L) and Dana Perino (R)

Donald Trump is causing a lot of people to out themselves lately. Establishment-leaning figures who like to portray themselves as conservatives, are removing their veils. Greg Gutfeld, co-host of The Five on Fox News is the latest example. Aside from sitting next to former George W. Bush White House Press Secretary Dana Perino every day, Gutfeld works for an increasingly obvious, establishment network.

This video from the December 10th show is incredibly instructive in several areas. First, pay attention at the 4:28, 5:55, 7:12 and 11:00 marks:

At the 4:28 mark, Gutfeld buys into a conspiracy theory that Trump is actually a saboteur who is intentionally trying to siphon off Republican votes so Hillary can win. He then plays dumb about what the establishment is while mocking all Trump supporters and saying that Trump cannot win the general election.

Then, at about the 5:55 mark, Dana Perino kicks it over to the one liberal on the panel. The red flag for Gutfeld and all the other Trump haters is that ‘Julie’ agrees with him about Trump’s electability. At one point, she even says, ‘Greg, you nailed it’. If there is a cardinal rule in politics, when Democrats tell Republicans who is unelectable, it means they’re afraid of that candidate’s electability. That very phenomenon was on display in 2012 when Donna Brazile almost let the cat out of the bag after a debate. The liberals wanted Romney to win the nomination because they knew he was beatable but said he was the candidate they feared.

Here is the audio:

At the 7:12 mark in the video above, Gutfeld touts Republican establishment candidate Marco Rubio and the Senator’s denunciation of Trump’s Muslim Ban Plan. Rubio uses the argument that if you take Trump’s plan to the extreme, the son of the King of Jordan would be banned. This is the one flaw with Trump’s comments. Instead of banning all Muslims, he should be calling for the ban of all MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD groups – and there are many.

Ailes (L) and George H.W. Bush (R) in earlier days.

Ailes (L) and George H.W. Bush (R) in earlier days.

Just before the 11:00 mark, co-host Eric Bolling analyzes the Trump dynamic to near perfection in that Trump has alienated the media, liberals and every other Republican candidate except Ted Cruz. Gutfeld then disagrees and says ‘Cruz is going nowhere’ because he won’t denounce Trump.

Fox News IS establishment. Let’s not forget that Roger Ailes is a George H.W. Bush guy; he ran Bush 41’s media campaign in 1988. Gutfeld is clearly on the side of that establishment and the Bush family – which for all intents and purposes – includes Perino.

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    Can we at least ban all Muslim Environmental Health Inspectors and pharmacy tech wannabes?

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