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Jan 5, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Louie Gohmert – the conservative Republican from Tyler is fed up. He believes that Speaker John Boehner has lied to the people who just voted in a Republican landslide.

Rep. Louie Gohmert R-TX

Rep. Louie Gohmert R-TX

Where is Gohmert Wrong? He said of Boehner:

“You deceived us. [You said] ‘we will fight amnesty tooth and nail,’ use the power of the purse more effectively to pressure the White House and pursue aggressive oversight.”

Gohmert is right.

Boehner pushed through the so-called CRomnibus bill, and fully funded Obamacare and pretty much everything else Obama wanted. Boehner worked with Democrats and moderate Republicans to get it through. So what, exactly, did last November’s voters mean to say at the polls – if not that the Obama agenda should be overturned? Boehner knows that, but doesn’t care. He IS the establishment and he likes Washington just the way it is.

Video: Gohmert tells FOX News’ Tucker Carlson that he will challenge Boehner.

Some polls are showing that about 60 percent of Republicans that voted in November would like to see a new speaker. It’s not likely. Gohmert ran for the chairmanship of the Republican Study Committee, an influential conservative bloc, and lost to Bryan’s Bill Flores. Flores is conservative, but doesn’t rock the boat.

On the other hand, Gohmert is so far right that he often guest-hosts the Sean Hannity radio show. That might mean that Gohmert’s views are similar to Hannity — and Hannity of late has not been happy with Boehner and the GOP establishment. In short, Gohmert is a troublemaker, and there are far too many status quo Republicans who like their Leadership PACs and their big campaign contributions they get from fat cats who don’t want amnesty or whatever.

Troublemaker. Noun. In politics, an elected official who refuses to accept the status quo. One who attempts to keep promises made to constituents.

Gohmert’s chances of being elected speaker are about the same as those of Rep. Ted Yoho of Florida who is also running. Boehner is far too powerful. Like Mitch McConnell is the Senate, he can promise the moon (fighting amnesty tooth and nail; abolishing Obamacare) and deliver nothing but politics-as-usual.

PLEASE! No more talk about abolishing the Medical Devices Tax or passing the Keystone XL Pipeline.

If that’s all we conservatives can get, we have zero representation. Come to think of it, that pretty much what we have. Welcome to Republican control of Congress.


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