George W. Bush Proven WRONG AGAIN on ISLAM (Because Obama and Hillary Agree with him)

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By Barrack

Bush on 9/11

Bush on 9/11

The Obama administration and the Hillary campaign are pointing to the words and actions of former President George W. Bush to justify their stance on Islam. The difficult position Republican establishment politicians like Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb!, et. al. find themselves in is simple to understand because Obama and Hillary are right.

Via the AP:

President Barack Obama, under pressure to be more aggressive on terrorism, regularly cites his predecessor’s refusal to demonize Muslims or play into the notion of a clash between Islam and the West. It’s a striking endorsement from a president whose political rise was predicated on opposition to the Iraq war and Bush’s hawkish approach in the Middle East.

As Hillary Clinton put it, “George W. Bush was right.”

Laying out her plan to fight domestic terrorism, Clinton reminded voters in Minneapolis earlier this month of Bush’s visit to a Muslim center six days after the Sept. 11 attacks. She even quoted his words from that day about those who intimidate Muslim-Americans: “They represent the worst of humankind, and they should be ashamed of that kind of behavior.”

The problem Republican candidates will have is that Bush was wrong and it will be difficult for them to admit it (especially Jeb). Bush wasn’t just wrong for visiting the mosque. More important, he was wrong for aligning with stealth Muslim jihadists while doing so. Individuals Bush stood shoulder to shoulder with on September 17, 2001 at the mosque included the Executive Director of Muslim Brotherhood front, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Nihad Awad; the Saudi Wahhabist Imam and former Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL) Abdullah Khouj, and Khaled Saffuri, the Muslim and business partner of Muslim Brotherhood enabler Grover Norquist.

As the American people were clearly suspicious of Islam, note that Khouj dressed in a suit and tie for this event:

In essence, what George W. Bush did just six days after 9/11 was to stand shoulder to shoulder with enemies of the U.S. who share the same ideology as the 19 hijackers.

Bush with Khouj (circled) at his side just six days after 9/11. Saffuri on left.

Bush with Khouj (circled) at his side just six days after 9/11. Saffuri on left.

That wasn’t the only time Bush visited that mosque either. In 2007, he went there to commemorate the Mosque’s 50th anniversary. Note that as the guard of the American people had been lowered six years after 9/11, Khouj – who introduced Bush – was more comfortable sporting his Wahhabist garb.

Bush with Khouj in 2007 to commemorate mosque's 50th anniversary.

Bush with Khouj in 2007 to commemorate mosque’s 50th anniversary.

Here is the video:

50 years earlier, President Eisenhower was on-hand to dedicate the mosque:

The neutering of the Republican Party by Islamic fundamentalists goes back many years. Until the establishment within that party either comes clean or is called out by a new generation of conservatives within the Party, the infiltration of the U.S. by stealth jihadists will continue until the country is overthrown.

Rep. Michele Bachmann tried to call attention to this very real and very dangerous scourge but was roundly denounced by that establishment, to include none other than Norquist.

As a result, the establishment is silent when Obama and Hillary speak the truth about it.

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