Sex Worker Reveals Huma’s Muslim Family HATES Her Jewish Husband Anthony Weiner Despite Huma Committing Worst Sin in Islam, Her Family Still Embraces Her and She Still Travels to Saudi Arabia

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By Ben Barrack

A high dollar female escort contacted the Gateway Pundit. She claims to have been a client of Anthony Weiner. One relevant revelation is that the family of Weiner’s Muslim wife, Huma Abedin, loathes him. Abedin is a close confidant of Hillary Clinton and worked as her deputy chief of staff at the State Department.

Furthermore, the escort backed up these claims with some compelling evidence.

This continues to be important because it helps to corroborate why Huma married Weiner at all. She is a practicing Muslim and her family is part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which hates Jews. In fact, according to Sharia Law, Huma should be the victim of an honor killing by her family.

When it comes to the brand of Islam practiced by the Muslim Brotherhood, a Muslim woman marrying a Jewish man is as bad as it gets. Yet, to this day, Huma maintains a close relationship with her mother Saleha. Saleha is one of 63 leaders in the Muslim Sisterhood.

Especially relevant is that Huma has no fear about traveling to Saudi Arabia. In one of his exchanges with his escort on Christmas Eve of 2014, Weiner tells her that Huma is in Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Weiner tells Escort his wife Huma is in Saudi Arabia

As Weiner and the anonymous escort corresponded around Thanksgiving, he again reveals what Huma’s family thinks of him:

Weiner tells Escort that Huma’s family wants NOTHING to do with him.

Additional excerpts from the Escort

Here are some additional excerpts, via GWP:

“Sometimes, he’d come across as a reasonably mature man. Other times, he was a petty bitch whose wife and in-laws hated him. I met him at his apartment in NY a few times when Huma was either out/traveling for business and his kid was at day care…”

“…the busty brunette told GWP that Weiner once said he was hopeful that Clinton would win so that his wife would be out of town more often.”

“During our last get-together, I asked him if he was excited for Hillary Clinton and Huma. Anthony said he hoped Hillary wins the election so his wife would be away more often and that the White House wouldn’t bother to invite him to major events so he could f-ck whoever he wanted.”

“The woman stated that Weiner was often hostile about his wife’s Muslim religion, because it meant that he could not keep booze in their house.

‘For someone who claims to be tolerant, he sure talked a lot of sh-t about Huma and Muslims… and how she wouldn’t let him have liquor in the house,’ the woman recalled.”

To this point, we have not had this level of detail about how Huma and her family feel about Weiner. Skeptics will say it’s because of Weiner’s transgressions but that’s only a small part of the problem.

The fact remains that according to the brand of Islam that Huma’s family practices, they should want her dead. No one has been able to explain why Huma continues to travel to Saudi Arabia without fear for her life.

Weiner Careless with Classified Information

Huma was Careless with Classified information, just as a Stealth Muslim Brotherhood Spy might be

According to the escort, Weiner allegedly left two laptops on and open when she visited. That may seem like the bigger story. However, it’s made even bigger when factoring in the behavior of Huma’s family.

As has been maintained by this author for years now, Huma is a Muslim Brotherhood spy. As such, she had no business getting a security clearance in the first place.

She had one and the fact that her family embraces her instead of disowning her (at best) proves she is a stealth jihadist. So while the latest sex angle to the Weiner saga may be of greater widespread interest, Huma is of much greater importance.

Huma married Weiner for at least two reasons. First, doing so provided her cover. As a Muslim, she could be seen as moderate if she married a Jewish man. Such an arrangement would minimize suspicion. Second, by marrying a sitting U.S. Congressman, Abedin would have access to additional information.

Up until now, the public could only speculate about the feelings Huma’s family had for Weiner. The escort’s communications with Weiner clearly show they despise him. Yet, Huma is not rejected.

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