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Aug 26, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Make no mistake. Jorge Ramos is not a journalist. He is an activist. Ramos is a card-carrying member of the leftwing media, and he carries water for the illegal immigration and no-borders social justice crowd. As an activist he intends to shut down people who disagree with him.

Video: Ramos gets tossed at Trump news conference

Just days ago, the anti-law-and-order group known as “Black Lives Matter” succeeded in shutting down the socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders at a campaign rally.

Video: Sanders gets shut down by BLM

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter had a pie thrown at her when she tried to speak on a liberal college campus – which is nearly all of them.

Video: Ann Coulter dodges a pie

At UT/Austin, a liberal mob succeeded in efforts to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis that offended them.

Video: KXAN-TV reports on the “Ministry of Truth” at the University of Texas

But Trump’s security guards removed Ramos and he was not able to shut Trump down. So far, no one has shut Trump down. Political correctness suffers another defeat.

Here’s how news conferences work.

Someone rents a room, or reserves one and then notifies the media that there will be a news conference. Media show up or not. When the event starts, the person holding it comes to a lectern and faces the microphones and cameras. He or she calls on reporters who raise their hands when they have something to ask. Reporters jockey for position. The newspaper reporters take notes and the radio people record the event.


It’s a different deal for TV reporters. Unless some bombshell is dropped, the TV reporters only care about the question they ask. That’s so they can run B-roll of the reporter asking the question and then the host’s answer – and (if things work out) a back-and-forth between the reporter and the host of the news conference. This is designed to make it look as if the reporter’s station or network (as the case may be) is dominating the news conference and asked THE most important question.

If you doubt me, see if you can watch all three networks on a given night when there is a big news conference – or try it in your local market. Ramos was trying to dominate in order to look good and boost his ratings for his Univision audience that he believes is 100% pro-illegal immigration.

Video: Ronald Reagan – “I am paying for this microphone

Trump acted within his rights.

Trump is the guy who rented the room. It was HIS news conference. If Ramos wanted to dominate over dozens of other reporters, he had another think coming. He tried to hijack the entire event, and Trump, correctly, shut him down. Ramos should have requested a personal interview for his network. Trump might have agreed. Then it would have been Ramos’ interview exclusively.

Video: Ramos tangles with Hannity over amnesty

As it turned out, Ramos stands exposed.

There never was any doubt, but this little episode proves it to everyone. Ramos is an activist, operating on behalf of a foreign country (Mexico) on a foreign language network in the United States – a network that enables non-assimilation.

In past generations, Ramos would have been considered an enemy of the state.

But in past generations, Americans of all ethnicities had more loyalty to their country than they do now. In today’s world, the media (and academia) worship diversity rather than unity as we did, say, during World War II. Jorge Ramos is the logical outcome of a diversity-centered culture.

He lives in America. He reports on a national network. He takes a stand as a “journalist.” He attempts to hush the opposition. He advocates for illegal activity.

Donald Trump told him to get in line and wait to be called on. Ramos demanded to be heard instantly. Trump threw him out. The imagery is stunning.

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