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Jul 20, 2015 2 Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

Life is different when you have $10 billion.

Heads turn when you enter the room. No one ever tells you you’re wrong. Women admire you. Everybody wants a piece of you. Everybody wants to tap into the money.

So it’s entertaining to watch a presidential candidate with so much money that he’s not used to ever being told he’s wrong. When Donald Trump goes into a business meeting, he’s usually saying what he thinks – and dictating terms. He stated that the pool of illegal immigrants contains some who commit violent crimes like murder. He was correct — he knew it – and he’s not used to having to parse words like run-of-the-mill candidates. When Senator John McCain attacked him – Trump fired back without thinking.

He was wrong on the “war hero” comment – but the point is this: Donald Trump is NOT politically correct – nor is he Status Quo.

Video: Published on Jul 18, 2015- Donald Trump attacks John McCain: ‘He’s not a war hero’

Video: Published on Jul 19, 2015 – The 2016 GOP candidate and real estate mogul is interviewed on “This Week.”

Let’s talk about the Status Quo for just a moment.

Your normal day-to-day politician parses words and takes pains to avoid alienating big donors. Even the rich ones like Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush would rather spend YOUR money than THEIR money. So they spend more of their time fundraising.

Hillary Clinton is really attached to her own money. In her case, she and Bubba have been fundraising nonstop for years –using the Clinton Foundation as a pretext. The Clinton machine, more than any other political organization, is bought and paid for. Whether it’s Clinton, Romney, Bush or any of the others, the most important thing in life right now is to bring in lots and lots money. Money is the mother’s milk of politics.

The more money they bring in, the more donors own them.

A great case in point is how two Texan businessmen, Bob Perry and Charles Butt, stopped the Texas Sanctuary Cities bill in its tracks. You can read about that here.

If you don’t like a bill, and you have large sums of money, you can kill it. That maintains the Status Quo.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in politics all these years, it’s this: Big Business and Big Government LOVE the Status Quo. The Status Quo maintains their power and makes them rich. The Clintons and the Bushes are Status Quo politicians.

The Status Quo keeps the rich rich and the poor poor.

Even with all the problems with banks, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers, the essential Status Quo was maintained back in the 2008 financial meltdown.

Make a list of the entities that were involved in the meltdown:

• General Motors
• Chrysler
• United Auto Workers Unions
• Citibank
• Bank of America
• Fannie Mae
• Freddie Mac
• Countrywide
• Various investment banks like Goldman Sachs

Most of these entities are still around. Most of the big bonuses are still flowing. Most of the big government salaries are still being paid. Most of the political contributions are still being contributed. Most of the failed businesses are bigger than ever. “Too Big To Fail” has never been addressed.

Politicians go into office somewhat rich and leave very rich.

The Status Quo works that way. Without it, elected officials would not serve into their twilight years and die while still in power. Without it, multi-million dollar lobbying jobs would not be available. Without it, the high-dollar contributions would dry up.

To many politicians, promises are something to be made to a low-information public and to be quickly forgotten as soon as the election is over.

If you have $10 billion, you can blow all that off.

No ordinary politicians would EVAH say that some illegal aliens from Mexico commit rape and murder. But they do. The list of such occurrences is lengthy. But a run-of-the –mill politicians would never say it because race-based organizations would smear him. There would be no support from radical business interests like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the Texas Association of Business. Remember, even rich politicians like Clinton and Bush want to spend someone else’s money — not their own.

Donald Trump is different in that way.

Forget for a moment the leftwing things he’s supported and the liberals he’s contributed to. Consider those as business decisions. Now think about what he said about criminal aliens. Others pols and media have dogged him for saying it – because it’s not PC and it goes against the Status Quo. Virtually nobody talks about whether The Donald was right.

He was right – and that is NOT a reflection on illegal aliens who come here to simply work. We have to fix that too, but for now, focus on the criminal illegals. He was right and it is provable that he is – except that no one will say it.

Except Trump.

With $10 billion, he can run his own campaign and to hell with political correctness and big-money donors. And (quite possibly) to hell with the Status Quo.

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  1. Consider this example: Kurt Vonnegut was a corporal in the U.S. Army during the 2nd World War. He was captured by the German Army during the Battle of the Bulge and spent the rest of the war as a prisoner of war. His novel, “Slaughterhouse Five” was, in part, a memoir of his experience as a prisoner of war. Vonnegut had many fans and there are many who have called him a great writer, but I have never heard anyone refer to him as a “war hero”.
    What claim to the title does John McCain have that Kurt Vonnegut could not duplicate?

  2. Lynn says that Donald Trump “was wrong on the “war hero” comment”. I disagree. Trump did say that McCain is considered a war hero because he spent half of the Vietnam war in a POW camp. I don’t believe that this is or should be a qualification for a “war hero”.
    The fact is that POWs don’t win wars. You can’t win a war by getting shot, losing your airplane or spending half of the war in a camp. You win wars only by killing the enemy and destroying the enemy’s ability to wage war.
    All of those who put on a uniform of the United States Armed Services and face the enemy are due respect and honor, but not all are entitled to be called “war hero”.
    The title of “war hero” should be reserved for those who show exceptional valor in combat against our enemies. John McCain is due the respect that should be given to all of our veterans of foreign wars, but he is not entitled to the title of “war hero”.

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