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Sep 25, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

By Sid Frasier

What happened to our society?

It hasn’t been that long ago perverted sex was considered Queer, people wouldn’t accept welfare as a way of life, news was factual not fictional, citizens respected the laws, government had checks and balances, people trusted other people, wages were based on performance, you weren’t harassed at the airport, phones were not part of our anatomy, immigrants assimilated into our culture, and the United States was respected as a world leader.

Sadly most young people never realize any of this.

They have been acclimated to a society where all forms of sex, drugs and body alterations are not only accepted but commonplace. Many have never had to be responsible for working to earn a living, maintaining a budget much less saving for the future. We have created an entire segment of society that has been brainwashed to believe the rest of society will always take care of them.

Video: Sounds like today, but this song was popular in 1965.

When we turn on radio, television or read from one of the dwindling selections of newspapers, it is difficult to get the facts because most people want sensationalism and entertainment as opposed to knowledge. It appears to be the motivation of the media personalities considered influential members of society to promote chaos, divisiveness and lawlessness rather than educate and state the truth.

The federal government system is broken.

The Constitution and well established practices are being destroyed by judges and politicians that defy logical explanation. They are entrenched by power, money and the fact they are not held accountable for any of their actions.Supreme Court Health Overhaul Subsidies

Not too long ago, business was done with a handshake. Now days you must constantly be aware of scams, identity theft and con artists. People used to know and trust their neighbors and never worried about letting their kids go to the park and play… no more!

Somehow a government that has massive debt accumulation sees fit to strangle the free enterprise system by first establishing a minimum wage and then imposing higher and higher fees for jobs designed to be entry level and focused on teaching work ethic and skills that offer upward mobility opportunities.

When traveling through airports American citizens are now treated like herd animals, suspected criminals and often inconvenienced for hours. Meanwhile, we have the most porous borders and weak immigration enforcement policy in the world. Perhaps it wouldn’t be necessary to humiliate the 99.9% of American citizens if we stopped trying to re-populate the United States by destroying the immigration and visa policies that should have been enforced prior to 9/11.

apple-iphone 6 - 16gb-space gray-450x350Portable hand held devices are tools that have turned to obsessions.

Is there any wonder people can no longer spell, write or critically think. Many people are so absorbed in a virtual world they are out of touch with reality. Therefore, they become addicted to the mind-altering misinformation that saturates their viewpoints and dominates their quality of life.

As a society, we no longer have control of the massive influx of foreign nationals. Most of these people have not come to better our country and adopt the American culture. They are here to further destroy what’s left of the economic base. If they were motivated to benefit society, they would have done so in their countries of origin. Assimilation is the process of learning the common language, abiding by the laws and customs, expecting no favoritism while contributing beyond their level of consumption.

In the eyes of other world powers the United States is no longer the respected model.

The people of this country have allowed this nation to be weakened financially, militarily, morally, politically and spiritually. We have allowed slick talking, self-serving, law breaking, radical-thinking individuals to hijack this nation and lead it to the edge of destruction. What’s worse is the apathy and the complacent attitudes that brought us to this point.

Sid Frasier is president of Electronic Assistance Corporation

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