Cruz MUST Learn from Reagan’s Biggest Mistake and Stay Away From The Bushes

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Mar 12, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Barrack

Neil Bush (L) with father George H.W. Bush (R)

Neil Bush (L) with father George H.W. Bush (R)

Nothing screams Republican establishment louder than the Bush family. Conversely, Ted Cruz has been running as the conservative, anti-establishment outsider. This is what makes Cruz’s decision to hire Jeb’s brother Neil Bush to help run his finance team so troubling. It demonstrates a willingness to work with the establishment a bit too closely. What will Cruz owe the Bush family if he wins the nomination?

Make no mistake; he will owe them something.

Speaking of mistakes, it’s been argued that Ronald Reagan’s biggest one – even bigger than Iran-Contra – was the selection of George H.W. Bush as his running mate in 1980. Though Reagan could not have known what that decision would do – give us two terms of George W., a Bush family dynasty, and quite possibly the Clintons – it has definitely had destructive consequences.

While Reagan should not be blamed for failing to predict history, he can be blamed for not selecting a conservative running mate. At the time, Jack Kemp would have been a perfect choice.

This is what is disconcerting about Cruz’s embrace of Neil Bush, especially in light of that family’s now sordid history. It suggests two things. First, the willingness of Cruz to welcome a member of the Bush family into his circle indicates he may not have learned from Reagan’s mistake. Second, Cruz may be placing himself in a position to compromise on principle – something he publicly abhors – if he gets the nomination.

Would Cruz consider Jeb as running mate?

Would Cruz consider Jeb as running mate?

Is Cruz becoming so blinded by his ambition to become president that he would sell out to the Bush family to help secure the office?

Can you imagine… a Cruz/Jeb ticket? After all, Florida is one of those bellwether states from which it’s supposedly good to select a Republican running mate.

The Republican establishment will back Cruz as Marco’s chances fade. If that establishment can’t have one of its own as president, vice president is certainly the next best thing.

As I’ve written before, Cruz and Donald Trump should bury their respective hatchets and unite. The establishment is a very powerful machine that neither one may be able to defeat alone. Together, they could. Otherwise, they each risk being victims of a divide and conquer strategy from the establishment. If Cruz were to call a truce with Trump – and vice versa – the young Senator from Texas would make a terrific vice president, which would thereby all but cement his chances as the 2020 or 2024 Republican nominee.

Jack Kemp would have been better choice for Reagan's VP than H.W. Bush.

Jack Kemp would have been better choice for Reagan’s VP than H.W. Bush.

To this point, Cruz doesn’t seem much interested in that. Perhaps he shouldn’t be at this stage of the primary but welcoming the Bush family – via Neil – into the fold could indicate Cruz is throwing his lot behind the Bush family-led Republican establishment to help him defeat Trump. If it works, the Bushes will absolutely call in a big favor.

It is imperative that no establishment figure become president or vice president for reasons I’ve outlined.

Granted, he’s a full-blown Trump guy but Roger Stone details some very disturbing aspects to Neil Bush. If half are true, Cruz never should have even entertained the idea of hiring him. One such claim is that Neil was at the center of the savings and loan scam of the 1980’s.

If Cruz were truly serious about becoming the next conservative president after Reagan, he would learn from Reagan’s biggest mistake and avoid the Bush family.

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