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Jul 22, 2016 4 Comments ›› admin

The following is an opposition piece to Lynn Woolley’s Too Soon To Judge Cruz for not Endorsing Trump column

By Ben Barrack

If Ted Cruz didn’t commit political suicide when he refused to endorse Donald Trump at the Republican convention, he sure as heck gave himself quite the flesh wound:

Lynn Woolley would have you believe something different. Lynn has always been a staunch Cruz supporter but defending this latest escapade is beyond the pale. When it comes to the #NeverTrump crowd, Cruz has been at the tip of the spear. The hodgepodge of National Review writers who dug in months ago on Cruz Hill have continued being an intransigent bunch.

Cruz had an opportunity to release them from their collective pride. Instead, he galvanized it.

Lynn would have you believe that Cruz didn’t endorse Trump because the real estate mogul impugned his wife and father. I get that; I really do. That’s no excuse to put yourself above your country. There is no way that an unemotional, logical Ted Cruz could look you or I in the face and say Hillary Clinton is a better option than Donald Trump.

Yet, that’s what his EMOTIONS have dictated he do through his actions.

Cruz has exhibited the worst of liberal traits. He has lashed out at Trump and his own country not based on a rational argument but based on his emotion.

Something that Cruz prides himself on is his integrity; it’s central to the conservative movement. An outgrowth of integrity is keeping one’s word. Yet, Cruz broke his word when it came to pledging to endorse Trump if Trump were the nominee. As this video reveals, not only did he break this pledge multiple times but he undermined his own logic and the principles he claimed he championed while explaining why he would endorse Trump:

I have been willing to sit back and let the #NeverTrump crowd have its way and cool off. It was a tough campaign; it got nasty. As a voter who liked both Trump and Cruz, I often got angry with Trump for attacking Cruz so viciously instead of embracing him. I always thought a Trump/Cruz ticket was the best way to guarantee a defeat of Hillary AND the Republican establishment. When that proved impossible – largely due to Trump far more than Cruz – I thought Trump should have selected Allen West.

Instead, he selected Indiana Governor Mike Pence, surely not my first choice but definitely on the positive side of the median line that divides acceptable choices from unacceptable ones.

After such a campaign, I was willing to let the #NeverTrump crowd vent, to blow off its steam so that it could become rational in time for the convention. It held out hope that through some hijinks, maybe – just maybe – a second ballot could take place before a first, a hope devoid of logic; it’s 2 + 2 = 5 kind of stuff. After that, surely the #NeverTrump crowd would coalesce around any Republican nominee if Hillary was the alternative, right?


Even Trump’s selection of Pence didn’t appease conservatives. Here was one of the most conservative congressmen in the U.S. House who then implemented those principles as Governor of a state that has seen budget surpluses. Not even this convinced the #NeverTrump crowd.

The #NeverTrump crowd is so rabid that one of its leaders said he wouldn’t vote for him even if Cruz was on the underside of the ticket. This, from March, is all you really need to know about this rabidly irrational movement:

Ken Cuccinelli and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) expressed outrage from the floor when their hopes were dashed.

Cuccinelli (L) and Lee (R)

Cuccinelli (L) and Lee (R)

This was Cruz’s opportunity to swallow some humble pie and put his country ahead of his pride. It wasn’t just about two party factions. It was about an overtly evil Democrat Party and a Republican Party comprised of conservatives, establishmentarians and populists still trying to find its way.

Unfortunately, Cruz chose to side with the Democrats, as much as he’d have us believe he stood on principle.

He did not; he stood on pride. As a christian, Cruz knows he is to forgive not just for the sake of the person he is commanded to forgive but for the sake of himself.

Cruz hammered a nail into his own political coffin while prying one out of Hillary’s.

The #NeverTrump crowd is acting like a rabid dog and Cruz took a cattle prod to it.

There is one question that must be asked of the #NeverTrump crowd:

What is your endgame?

From here, it looks like you either don’t have one or you want Hillary to put the final nail in America’s coffin.

I’m not ok with that or with Cruz’s facilitating it.

As much as Cruz has fought for the Constitution, his inability to keep his word and endorse Trump shows that he is willing to put himself above his country.

I was angry with Trump for how he treated Cruz. Now, I’m angrier with Cruz for how he’s willing to let Hillary treat the country.

Cruz should be rebuked with full force, for giving votes to Hillary Clinton instead of to Donald Trump and he should be held partially accountable for a post-Hillary America… if there is one.

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  1. pricklypear says:

    Trump benched out lie after lie about Ted Cruz for months on end, calling him a liar, globalist, nasty and friendless, attacking his honor and integrity. Then Trump turned his attacks on Cruz’ family, his wife and dad, along with his supporters attacking the kids. Trump himself disavowed the pledge on March 31st, saying he would not honor it and didn’t need Cruz to honor it either. Top that off with the fact Trump has always been a liberal democrat, then answer the question. Why would Any respectable Conservative even Vote for Trump, much less endorse him.

    You’re right in one respect. Trump supporters are hot as heck at Cruz for not endorsing their liberal candidate. These are the same #Fauservatives who have been giving us Rinos all this time. If Cruz had endorsed Trump, Conservatives would have seen it as insincere, a sellout of Conservative beliefs. Conservatives are Cruz’ base, not the squishy #Fauservatives. Ted Cruz will be just fine, because his True base still has his back.

    Winston Churchill said it best. Some people change their party for their principles, while some people change their principles for their party. Good Luck with your liberal candidate.

  2. admin says:

    That is all irrelevant and deals with Cruz’s emotion instead of logic.

  3. admin says:

    Here’s Trump breaking the pledge on 3-29-2016 and saying he does not want Cruz to endorse him.

  4. admin says:

    Here’s Trump justifying his attack on Heidi Cruz.

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