Confederate merchandise banned at Sears, Wal-Mart & eBay. But what about Clinton-Gore?

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Jun 23, 2015 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

The historical cleansing has begun. The three venues named say that no more merchandise may be offered if it’s related to the Confederacy! Huh? Lots of people collect items related to the Civil War. Will Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Lincoln” be banned?

George-Orwell-1984And what about Hillary Clinton, the Democrat frontrunner?

She’s mum at this writing as to whether a Clinton-Gore 1992 button featuring the Confederate Battle Flag was part of the official campaign. If it was, is she disqualified? Instead of a serious discussion of mental illness related to the Charleston murders, we are now engaged in an un-serious but politically correct debate on whether to cleanse the country of anything historically related to the Confederacy. We should have seen it coming. George Orwell predicted it in his 1949 book entitled “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

We have entered into the ridiculous.

For the record, I do not think Hillary Clinton’s campaign should be affected one way or the other regardless of how the Clinton-Gore button issue turns out. If it’s an authentic part of the 1992 campaign – so what? Hillary was not on the ticket at that time, and (apparently) attitudes were different 23 years ago. Attitudes were also very different 150 years ago as we fought to end slavery.

The Clinton Gore 1992 button using the Battle Flag design

The Clinton Gore 1992 button using the Battle Flag design


Hillary’s problem becomes this:

It’s her party that wants the cleansing.
It’s her party that practices political correctness.
It’s her party that lives by the rule that no liberal can ever be offended or it’s hell to pay.

This is a liberal internecine disagreement and perhaps we conservatives should step back and let them tear each other apart.

Official Clinton-Gore 1992 logo

Official Clinton-Gore 1992 logo

Note that Hillary has also not responded to queries about an act signed by Bill Clinton as governor of Arkansas honoring the Confederate Flag. That should not matter in this campaign either – however, her liberal base may take note. She can take some solace is the fact that she called for the removal of the Confederate Flag from the South Carolina capitol during her failed 2007 presidential campaign. That will probably inoculate her.

It’s just sad that stores and websites are entering the fray – on the side of the cleansers. How about this idea? You go to Wal-Mart and you don’t want to buy Confederate merchandise. So you don’t buy it. There. That solves the problem. Except for the fact that if liberals don’t like something, they try to force you to not like it either.

What do you want to bet the UT statues come tumbling down?

The Jefferson Davis statue at UT with graffiti (Photo:  Austin American-Statesman)

The Jefferson Davis statue at UT with graffiti (Photo: Austin American-Statesman)

At the University of Texas at Austin, the movement to remove the Jefferson Davis statue is heating up. New UT President Greg Fenves is mulling it over and is said to be taking the issue seriously. As an alumnus, I wrote him this letter:

Mr. President,

Our University already has a national image problem with the admissions & cronyism scandal that has yet to be resolved. Please do not make us look sillier by bringing Orwellian politics to UT. We do not need a “Ministry of Truth” nor do we require a “Memory Hole.”

I do not support flying the Confederate Battle Flag at UT. Neither do I support “historical cleansing.” If Jefferson Davis must be removed, than so should the statue of the racist President Woodrow Wilson, an icon of the left. The Littlefield Fountain will also have to be removed.

Elsewhere, Fort Hood and Bell County will need to be renamed. Since George Washington owned slaves, Mount Rushmore will have to be destroyed. If we rewrite history and scrub it clean, where do we stop?

My hope is that UT can become the nation’s largest and most prominent campus on which all political points of view are welcome. That is the kind of diversity we should promulgate. I urge you to reread or review “1984” before you make any decisions. It would be a great thing if the student body somehow became aware of Orwell. His dystopian world is coming true and it is not pretty.

I await your decision and would appreciate the courtesy of a personal reply.

Lynn Woolley
Temple, TX
RTF Class of 1972
Hook ‘em Horns

So we wait and see. I supported taking the flag down from the South Carolina capitol building. It’s 2015, and I believe the national and state flags are appropriate to wave on the campuses of all 50 statehouses.


We’ll see if Sears, Wal-Mart and eBay catch any flack for removing the merchandise. Typically the Left raises hell about stuff they don’t like and the Right rarely does. Conservatives did rebel somewhat over the idea that a bakery run by Christians should be forced to make gay wedding cakes. So maybe the Sons of Confederate Veterans will organize against the stores. Don’t hold your breath.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton may have a way out of the “button” controversy. The Washington Post says that virtually all the official Clinton-Gore campaign materials were made in union shops and contained a union “bug.” The Battle Flag button lacks the bug.

Mrs. Clinton may be able to move on to trivial matters like foreign policy and taxes.

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