Comey saves the Democratic nominee & signifies end of Rule-Of-Law

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By Lynn Woolley

Just as Chief Justice John Roberts saved Obamacare by unconstitutionally rewriting the law from the bench, so has FBI director James Comey come to the rescue of the Democratic Party.

No longer can Americans trust their great institutions of government.

Comey: No charges. (Photo: NBC News)

Comey: No charges. (Photo: NBC News)

Now, we simply have those of us that come under the law – and government elites that do not. Comey, like Justice Roberts, showed no remorse in what he did. He simply said she was guilty on all counts, and he will not recommend charges.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, now aided and abetted by the airplane meeting with Bill Clinton simply has to rubber stamp the decision. Comey’s work is now done. Hillary wins. Bill wins. Loretta Lynch wins! Sidney Blumenthal wins! The Democratic National Convention is saved! Rule-Of-Law, we hardly knew you!

Video: The long-awaited announcement from FBI Director James Comey, allowing Hillary Clinton to slither away — again

This looks like a classic case of government protecting government.

If events such as this come in three’s – look at this list:

#1: The Republican Senate conducts a sham trial after the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

#2: Chief Justice Roberts, a Republican, changes the Affordable Healthcare Act from the bench to save it.

#3: FBI Director James Comey saves the Democratic Party with his decision not to seek charges against Hillary Clinton.

In each case, conservative or highly regarded officials were allowing left-wingers to achieve their goals. In all three cases, a Clinton or Obama was the person whose sorry butt was saved.

Roberts rewrote Obamacare. Did Comey rewrite the federal penal code?

Andrew McCarthy, writing in National Review, says yes.

McCarthy writes that Hillary checked every box for a felony violation of section 793(f) (Title 18). She had access to highly classified information and she acted with gross negligence. She caused it to be transmitted to people who should not have seen it. She was, in Comey’s words, “extremely careless” and she probably allowed some of this information to be intercepted by foreign governments.

But, as the Clintons always do, she got a get-out-of-jail-free card. She passed go. She collected $200 and then some through the Clinton Foundation. How did she manage it?

McCarthy says that Comey injected an element that Congress did not require in the law:

“Lack of Intent.”

But if Hillary Clinton committed gross negligence—and that is against the law – lack of intent should not make any difference. So Comey took her off the hook saying that, in her case, since she was merely acting stupidly, and had no concept of what she was doing — she does not deserve to be indicted.

That’s what Comey says – NOT what the law says. But since when do the Clintons let the law stand in their way? And why should they? Some high-ranking government official is ALWAYS there to let them off the hook.

Now, it is up to Donald Trump to keep this corrupt woman out of the White House.

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