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by Lynn Woolley

It was hard to watch CNN’s Sunday shows and not see the difference. On
“State of the Union,” a snarky Jake Tapper played the now-famous clip from “Meet the Press” during which Chuck Todd asked Ben Carson about the importance of faith in the Oval Office.

CNN-PoliticsSo Carson had to go there again, and he addressed it with his customary grace, while being lectured by Tapper. Tapper explained that he – Tapper – would never assume any Muslim would put religion before the U.S. Constitution. But on “Fareed Zakaria GPS” – Bill Clinton was presented with an open forum to spin his wife’s political scandals – and spin he did, while Zakaria gushed about what a great political commentator Clinton is. By the time Bill was done, you’d think Hillary is ready for sainthood.

Zakaria did not interrupt and asked no tough questions.

Jake Tapper is not who we thought he was.

Many people have watched Tapper over the years and thought he was somewhat fair. Since his appointment to Sunday morning status on “State of the Union,” Tapper has evolved. He now seems determined to join his brethren on “Meet the Press” in the destruction of Dr. Ben Carson.

Here is the full interview from “State of the Union:” aired on Sunday, September 27, 2015:

“He asked you about Islam,” said Tapper. “…if you thought Islam was conducive to the Constitution. And you said ‘Muslims’ – that you would have a problem with a Muslim being president.”

That was a statement used by Tapper as a question. Carson answered as he has before – that Sharia is not compatible with the Constitution. He asked Tapper if Tapper would support a Muslim president. At that point the BS got a little thick in the interview room.

“I don’t assume that because somebody’s Muslim that they would put their religion ahead of the U.S. Constitution. And in fact the U.S. Constitution itself says ‘no religious test.’”

Tapper said this through a pronounced frown. He apparently is not a student of Islam or Sharia Law. Carson, growing tired of the CNN BS, proceeded to explain that he had already told Tapper what his criteria are. Tapper kept pressing. Apparently Carson was not quite yet destroyed and he wanted to hammer in the final nail.

Tapper: “You seem to be singling out Muslims as individuals who automatically, as a knee-jerk, would put their religion ahead of the country and I think that offended a lot of people…”

BULLETIN: CNN’s Jake Tapper is the new Offended-Czar. With Jake Tapper around, who needs the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)? Tapper is either more liberal than we all thought, or he is naïve. Possibly both. He should read more. And he should stop conducting interviews just to please his leftwing bosses. His terrible performance at the first CNN Republican debate, during which, he tried to get the candidates to argue among themselves, was bad enough. Now this.

But on CNN’s GPS show, Bill Clinton was treated like a king.

No matter how outrageous Brother Bill got, Fareed Zakaria was not about to rock the boat. Listen to this clip that begins with Zakaria calling Bill “a great student of American politics…” as Billy-Boy pontificates on the attraction of Donald Trump:

So Trump is a “master brander” but the Clintons have only the best intentions for the people of the world. In fact, says Billy-Bob, the GOP candidates are all flash while both Hillary and Bernie Sanders (he does NOT mention Joe Biden) have put out specific policies and costs of those policies. Maybe he’s referring to Hillary’s new opposition to the Keystone XL Pipeline. That would cost $0 if we don’t build it.

Typically, Democrats bankrupt the nation. But Zakaria didn’t go there.

Note that while Tapper was on Carson’s case from start to finish, Zakaria does not interfere with the Clinton message. At one point, after asking if Trump could be the nominee and Bill replies in the affirmative, Zakaria’s reply is: “Wow.” That’s heady stuff, CNN!

Then comes the hooter as Bill explains that he’s been out of politics for twenty years and “doesn’t understand any of it anymore.” He’s just a harmless grandfather and…

“I love my foundation.”

If I had a foundation that made me rich, provided amazing political connections with world leaders, raised billions, allowed my wife to sell influence, let me travel to spots all over the world will all bills paid – I’d love it too.

But no challenge from CNN’s Zakaria. He was just basking in the glow.

Meanwhile, Bill was explaining that he’s not “the best political pundit.” Why — he hasn’t run for office in so long. He wants a president that will meet the following criterion: She must be Hillary Clinton.

Oh and “she” must be able to stem the influence of all this anonymous money in politics. (I’m hearing this and rolling on the floor laughing, but Zakaria lets it all roll by. THE CLINTONS ARE UPSET ABOUT THE INFLUENCE OF POLITCAL MONEY? WHO KNEW?) Ah, yes, they were broke when they left the White House. One wonders why they are so anxious go back to the poorhouse.

Zakaria touched on Hillary’s email/server scandal. Billy-Bob “wiped” it away by saying: (A) There’s nothing to it. All a pack of lies. (B) This always happens right before a presidential election.

I wanted Zakaria to ask if that’s what happened to George W. Bush with the Dan Rather report on “60 Minutes” that was discredited – but alas, no such question came from his mouth.

But Bill was allowed to say that NOT ONE of the earlier Clinton scandals was true. Not any of them. Not Whitewater, Paula Jones and other Bimbo Eruptions, Asian Donor affairs, not Monica Lewinsky’s semen-stained dress, not China-gate, Vince Foster’s suicide, not Bill’s perjury, not the selling of pardons. Zakaria let him get away with it.

The night before.

Zakaria appeared with CNN’s Don Lemon to promote the interview, which had already been recorded:

Zakaria told Lemon that Hillary is drop-dead brilliant. It’s just her “charisma problem.” If she could just explain things like Billy-Bob can, she’d be fine. Maybe so. But I’ll tell you this! If she wants a forum to do just that, I’d advise her to go straight to CNN. This network makes no bones about whom it supports and whom it does not.

Two interviews. Same day. Same network. But what a difference.

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