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By Lynn Woolley

There is something chilling in the air – a sign for Hillary Clinton that all is not well. Here are two headlines, both from August 11:

Inside the debate over probing the Clinton Foundation


Top Clinton State Department aide helped Clinton Foundation”.

These are headlines you’d expect from Breitbart or on FOX News.Hillary Clinton CNN

But both of these stories were from CNN – with the first one promoted as an exclusive. CNN is not known as the Clinton News Network for nothing. CNN and its president Jeff Zucker are not shy about their open support of Hillary Clinton. Zucker once raged that his network would not “be shamed” into covering the Benghazi hearings. So if CNN sees news in the latest drip drip drip from the Clinton Foundation, that’s ominous for the Democrats. Trump should realize this and not interfere with the hole the Democrats are digging.

Clinton Foundation story #1:

CNN reports that officials from the FBI and the department of Justice met months ago to talk about opening up a public corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation. The network reports that the FBI was interest in checking to possible conflicts of interest while Hillary heading up the State Department. But the DOJ – under Loretta Lynch – had looked into allegations made in the book “Clinton Cash” and had determined that there was nothing to see. So the DOJ “pushed back” on opening an investigation.

Video: Breaking News from Wolf Blitzer on CNN about the Clinton Foundation and the DOJ

The DOJ seems to revel in letting Hillary Clinton off the hook – but CNN reported that it at least allowed the investigation into Clinton friend and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe continue.

Cheryl Mills

Cheryl Mills

Clinton Foundation story #2:

This is the story about Hillary’s Chief-of-Staff Cheryl Mills, who traveled to New York to interview job candidates for a high-level position at the Clinton Foundation. The network attributes this to a “CNN investigation.”

CNN reported that this raises more questions about the “blurred lines” between Clinton’s position as Secretary of State and her fundraising at the family Foundation — questions that “have dogged the Clintons in recent years.”

Video: CNN’s Drew Griffin reports on the Mills angle

Mills’ attorney responded that her work for the Foundation was voluntary, she received no pay and no government funds were used. Campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said:

“Cheryl volunteered her personal time to a charitable organization, as she has to other charities. Cheryl paid for her travel to New York City personally, and it was crystal clear to all involved that this had nothing to do with her official duties. The idea that this poses a conflict of interest is absurd.”

Other mainstream media will cover this. 

Jeff Zucker

Jeff Zucker

The idea that the Clinton Foundation is a “charitable organization” is absurd. But the real story here – and a possible harbinger for Hillary – is that CNN is covering it at all. If CNN is taking this seriously, the drip drip drip will spread. Even if major papers don’t make this the front-page headline, they will have an obligation. An article in the Los Angeles Times is entitled:

As Hillary Clinton goes after Donald Trump, her own email troubles undermine her attacks

The seriousness of the threat to Hillary’s campaign – and perhaps her very freedom – is underscored by the fact that Bill Clinton is now on the stump attacking the FBI – and saying that Director Comey delivered a “load of bull.”

Video: Bill Clinton Calls Comey’s Statement On Email Classification “Biggest Load Of Bull I’ve Ever Heard” (August 12, 2016)

Pushback from a wounded Bill Clinton is only going to keep the focus on the scandal – because the Mainstream media cannot resist covering him. The more Bill talks, the worse it will get for Hillary. So far the media attitude has been that the story of the Clinton Foundation is “Too Big to Cover.” But it is now becoming “Too Big to Ignore.”

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