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Nov 26, 2014 1 Comment ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

There is a self-correcting aspect to what M.I.T Professor Jonathan Gruber said about the American people being too stupid to understand a complex bill like Obamacare.

Professor Gruber

Professor Gruber

That is – if he’s right, they’re too stupid to care that he said it. This is part and parcel of the liberal point of view. For progressivism to continue its march, the American people must be ignorant enough to ignore the fact that most liberal polices are miserable failures.

I received an email from listener Glenn Dippel that contained this statement regarding Ferguson, Missouri:

“This is the result of LBJ’s entitlement society. The war on poverty is over and poverty has won.”

You can parse it – but liberal compassion has not translated into any betterment of the poor in American society. Things are, in fact, worse than they were in Lyndon Johnson’s day. What is the solution? According to progressives – keep spending.

What this country needs is a war on liberal stupidity.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is considered by many to be the leading Democratic voice in Congress on matters relating to legislation. In the wake of the disastrous (for Democrats) 2014 midterms, he wants his party to get back to the business of growing government. At the National Press Club, Schumer complained that Democrats erred five years ago by putting health care reform ahead of jobs and economic priorities.

“To aim a huge change in mandate at such a small percentage of the electorate [5 per cent who lacked insurance and who voted] made no political sense. Unfortunately, Democrats blew the opportunity the American people gave them. We took their mandate and put all of our focus on the wrong problem – health care reform.”

Translation: Obamacare was not the smartest way for liberals to redistribute wealth.

Saying Americans want a “robust” government, he wants to legislate in the areas of education access, labor bargaining rights, progressive taxes, and other things dear to the hearts of liberals. Maybe that’s what the election meant if “robust” means “effective.” But to Schumer it seems to mean “bigger.”

If Schumer gets his way, would life be improved for most people? Not likely. With regard to education access, President Obama has already taken over student loans – and tuition inflation is rampant. It’s hard to see how empowering sleazy labor unions that caused the failure of General Motors and Chrysler would help.

This is the problem with liberals and liberalism.

No matter what, they never admit that what they do doesn’t work even though it almost never does.

William Voegeli

William Voegeli

William Voegeli, Senior Editor of Claremont Review of Books, has written about liberalism and its many failures – mostly recently in the October, 2014 edition of Hillsdale College’s “Imprimis.” In an article entitled “The Case Against Liberal Compassion,” he notes the rising tide of welfare – and how little it has accomplished.

“In 2013, the federal government spent $2.279 trillion — $7,200 per American, two-thirds of all federal outlays, and 14 percent of the Gross Domestic Product – on the five big programs that make up our welfare state: 1. Social Security; 2. All other income support programs, such as disability insurance or unemployment compensation; 3. Medicare. 4. All other health programs, such as Medicaid; and 5. All programs for education, job training, and social services. That amount has increased steadily under Democrats and Republicans, during booms and recessions.”

And yet – there’s not much to show for it. We still have the poor, the needy, and the lazy. After all this, we still got Ferguson, Missouri. When you add in state spending on similar programs, Voegeli says that’s another $728 billion. That brings total spending on the poor to $3 trillion or just under $10,000 for every man, woman and child. To progressives, this is not enough. Sen. Schumer wants more taxes.

Voegeli concludes that liberals are concerned about their own feelings. So long as they extract taxes from producers to redistribute to the poor, they can sleep at night feeling pretty good about themselves. How much of it is wasted – or whether it even accomplishes anything is of no real concern. Professor Gruber’s comments that the American people are “stupid” may be correct to the extent that the people allow this to continue—and they still vote for Democrats. But the polices and those who pass them into law appear to be even stupider.

Lynn Woolley is a Texas-based radio talk show host who blogs at

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  1. paintedfaces says:

    @ There is a self-correcting aspect to what M.I.T Professor Jonathan Gruber said about the American people being too stupid to understand a complex bill like Obamacare.
    That is – if he’s right, they’re too stupid to care that he said it. —-

    I think when it was stated ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ … That statement may have been about the kool aid drinking, low information, liberal thinking Americans in the country.

    Everyone in the country has had a chance to make it, at least for the last 50 years all have the same civil rights for schooling jobs, government assistance if needed, medical care etc.

    There is no reason for anyone of any race to complain any longer about mis- treatment. Those days are over and have been for a long time.

    I accept no responsibility for anyone not having the equal right to anything I have, all they have to do is ask.

    And its become unacceptable to continue to have to answer for what a president is trying to have the ‘stupid’ citizens believe—-
    That Whitey is the Devil.
    When the devil is really living in Washington D.C.

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