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Aug 28, 2014 No Comments ›› admin

by Lynn Woolley

It has become the difference between keeping our country, or seeing it go down the tubes. Under Obama, the world is in crisis.

President Clinton and President Obama (Photo: AP)

President Clinton and President Obama (Photo: AP)

The Democrats have bungled every conceivable foreign policy leaving a bloody mess for the next president to clean up. They don’t seem to care. Obama is concerned with creating illegal laws with his pen and his phone. He has signaled that he intends to pass climate change legislation by executive fiat, and also to revamp our immigration laws. Constitutionally, he cannot do that – and he may be baiting the Republicans into an impeachment because he thinks that would help him politically. Obama is playing games while the world is at war. The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating and the threat from ISIS — the group Obama called the J-V of terrorists — is apparent. He has mismanaged the office and his party must be removed in November.

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