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Al Qaeda is alive & General Motors is having recalls

by Lynn Woolley

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It was the major campaign slogan of the Obama reelection – heard most notably from Vice President Joe Biden.

al Qaeda (Photo: Khmetikan) [2]

al Qaeda (Photo: Khmetikan)

It may have been the narrative that al Qaeda was on the run that forced the administration to lie about Benghazi. The terrorist organization was merely regrouping, and under Obama, is stronger than it’s ever been. Al Qaeda has taken Mosul and Tikrit and is closing in on Baghdad. As for General Motors, it’s alive, but in trouble with faulty ignition switches and other problems that have forced it into massive recalls. If these were the two big accomplishments that caused the American people to give Obama another four years – where does this leave us? General Motors is struggling to save its brand while Iraq is rapidly becoming a radical Islamic state. This means that Obama’s reelection was based on fraud and Obama likely knew it.