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Trump’s “Pocahontas” comment drives Media nuts

By Lynn Woolley

I think he does it just to toy with them.

Portrait engraving by Simon de Passe, 1616 (Wikipedia)

I have this mental vision of trump doing or saying something outrageous – trumpian – and then rushing to CNN to see how grim Anderson Cooper can look.

So when Trump conducted a ceremony to honor Native Americans [1] that served in World War II, he couldn’t resist a poke at the most sanctimonious hypocrite in the United States Senate – Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. [2]

Two things about this woman are important. (1) She lied about her heritage in order to further her career at Harvard. She claimed her “high cheekbones” proved [3]that she is 1/32 Cherokee [4]. According to Harvard, that made her a “woman of color.” [5](2) She is considered a frontrunner for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

If you’re Donald Trump – this is too delicious to pass up. So, casually, he remained everyone that his nickname for her is “Pocahontas.”

Video: President Trump Calls Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas At Event Honoring Native American Veterans | TIME

It doesn’t matter that Pocahontas was a Native American (AmOriginal?) girl [6] who associated with the colonists at Jamestown, and who, in some stories, saved the life of John Smith as her father was about to scalp him. True or not, Pocahontas is a larger-than-life historical figure. She also has, perhaps, the most recognizable of female names for American Indians.

Trump & Pocahontas (Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-MS)

So Trump planted the name on Warren as repudiation for her politically correct, group identity politics. The name sticks because Warren is a major leftist and socialist, devoid of a sense of humor, and yet she has problems with being truthful.

Trump killed two birds with one stone.

The President is a master of branding his political opponents. Say what you will about it, but ask Low Energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted, and Little Marco if it works. It does, and so, by pasting a silly label on Warren, he’s made sure that the country knows of her lies and the silly groupthink to which she and other liberal subscribe. If she runs for president, this 1/32 Cherokee bunk will follow her [7] like Bimbo Eruptions [8] follow Hillary.

Video: Anderson Cooper and Sen. Warren on the Pocahontas comment.

Besides, the Mainstream Media was incredulous, which is precisely what Trump wanted. He takes a great deal of pleasure in making them crazy—and he succeeds every time. Mind you, I’m not saying that this is what he should do, but it’s Trump, and that’s what he does.

Video: Joe Scarborough Says Trump Has Dementia, Calls For His Removal

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Joe Scarborough, reacting to Trump’s mention of the 2001 death of an intern in Scarborough’s office, claimed the President is suffering from dementia [9]and must be removed from office:

“He is completely detached from reality, we had a New York Times and Washington Post piece saying so a couple of days ago, and the question is Mika,” Scarborough said, “if this is not what the 25th Amendment was drafted for, I would like the cabinet members serving America, not serving the president” to act accordingly.

It is true that Trump says stuff that no other president would or has. And he tweets. His tweeting of videos purportedly showing Muslim violence drew swift rebukes from British Prime Minister Theresa May as well as the media. One or more of the videos may not have been what they seemed – and Trump doesn’t seem to be a fact checker. But ask yourself this: Is this worse than George W. Bush and Barack Obama when they refused to say that terrorism is largely Islamic in nature?

And now, Pocahontas!

Newspaper columnists are starting to write about this little incident. James Ragland of the Dallas Morning News – who is, by the way, respectful enough to answer critical emails – writes:

“But this time, as I’m sure you’ve all shockingly heard by now, Trump crossed a coarse line by calling the Massachusetts democrat ‘Pocahontas’ at a White House ceremony honoring Native American heroes. And then, as those who misappropriate Native American culture are wont to do, Trump and his political bootlickers were quick to tell those stung by his insult that they shouldn’t be offended.”

Ragland is referring to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders [10], who takes a lot of media abuse. She attempts to cover for Trump’s bombast in the way that Bill Clinton’s apologists like James Carville tried to cover up for his sexual crimes and lies.

I understand that Mr. Ragland leans left and he doesn’t like Trump. But his column might have had some weight to it if he had gone on to lecture Sen. Warren on her lies and on how stupid it is for a university to hire someone on the basis of being 1/32nd Cherokee. Even if “our strength is our diversity,” this is a bit much.

But that’s not what Mr. Ragland did. He continued on with a screed about the Washington Redskins [11], who were due in Arlington for a game with the Cowboys. He also ragged on the Donna, Texas High School Redskins – and other Native American names.

So, to Mr. Ragland, Donald Trump crossed a line. Donna High School crossed a line. So, presumably did the Kansas City Chiefs, the Cleveland Indians, the Florida State Seminoles, and, I suppose, the state of Indiana. (Not sure. Maybe it’s OK to name a state or a town in such a manner, but not a sports team. I need to consult my PC handbook.) But “Pocahontas” herself, the sanctimonious Elizabeth Warren did nothing that required further mention in his article.

Trump is not going stop.

The President will continue saying and doing what he thinks works for him. And meanwhile, the State of the Union is pretty darn good – far better than it was under Barack Obama in virtually every category. You’ll not hear that much on the MSM, or read it in a James Ragland piece –but the Trump economy is humming.

While Ragland worries about Pocahontas and the Washington Redskins, I’m far more concerned about others things. Kim Jong Un is firing ICBM’s again. The debt is over $20 trillion and rising. Healthcare costs are going up faster than people can pay their premiums. The Washington swamp is still in control of Congress. We still face the threat of radical Islam. We still have a beautiful wall to build along our southern border.

The Pocahontas comment really is a problem for just one person. And she knows who she is.