Trump Hatred is destroying Journalism in the United States The Russian/Clinton/Uranium collusion story holds no attraction for left-wing media.

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By Lynn Woolley


We all know that the networks and major newspapers are part of the Swamp when it comes to reporting only the bad stuff about President Trump.

But it’s actually worse than you thought.

There is a new story that essentially shows that back in 2009, the FBI was approached by a businessman who had information about the Russians.

The FBI found kickbacks and bribes with regard to the Uranium One deal that gave Russia 20 percent of uranium in the United States. Some reports say the Clinton Foundation benefited to the tune of of $145 million.


I don’t know yet what’s true, and that’s why I want coverage.

FOX News had the story when it broke, but that same night, NBC, ABC, and CBS all passed on the story.

To get details, you’d have to go to FOX News, the Hill, or Circa News. The story is there, but the “journalists” at CNN took a pass.

Nothing in the morning featurepapers, either.

I take two daily papers that I use for show prep. One is a big-circ, metropolitan paper, the Dallas Morning News. This story was first reported early Tuesday (10/17/17), and so you’ think by the time a big paper goes to bed, there’d be a story ready for the Wednesday morning edition. Apparently not.

Hillary Clinton departs a Manhattan hotel with her husband, former U.S. President Bill Clinton, on Nov. 9, 2016. (Reuters)

My local paper depends on the Associated Press for national news. Nothing there, either.

According to the website Newsbusters, all three major networks ignored the story on their morning shows and on their evening newscasts.

In fact, the evening network newscasts have largely ignored the scandals of the Clinton Foundation – the selling of influence and such. They’ve spent just 3 minutes and 1 second reporting on the Clinton Foundation in more than two years.

The Hill, Circa News, and Sean Hannity were actually practicing journalism.

Developments in this story were first reported by John Solomon & Alison Spann in the Hill – and by Circa News’ Sara Carter. FOX News picked it up, and Hannity interviewed Solomon and Carter on this TV show.

The details are lurid – but not as disturbing as the Mainstream Media’s refusal to cover.

This is a story made for Cable TV News. It’s got it all: foreign intrigue, government ineptness, political slime, national security implications, bribery and graft, and the Clintons. Therein lies the rub.

Let’s say you’re Jeffrey Zucker, the Trump-hating CEO of CNN and you see this story bubble up. You turn on you office monitor, and there’s Anderson Cooper and his large panel talking about how Trump “disrespected” the widow of a slain serviceman. You don’t know if that’s true or not – Trump denies it – but witnesses (all leftists) say it’s so. They say they heard it over a speakerphone in a car. If you’re Zucker, that’s your kind of story.

CNN’s Trump-hating CEO, Jeff Zucker

Somebody like Zucker is not about to drop a juicy anti-Trump story for another story that might cast the Clintons in a bad light. Remember, this Russia story is not the same one pushed by CNN night after night. This one involved REAL collusion. It involved millions of dollars of kickback money to the Clinton Foundation.

Zucker once announced that he would not be pressured into carrying the Benghazi hearings (that might have damaged Hillary Clinton). To this day, his network will not carry a Trump speech or rally unless it is of some major nature like a State of the Union. Neither will MSNBC.

Speaking of NBC and MSNBC, this is the network that Ronan Farrow offered the Harvey Weinstein story to—and that turned it down. But NBC might be excused. It is not a news network – certainly not its cable arm – and it doesn’t try to be. MSNBC is a progressive propaganda outlet designed to push liberalism and denigrate conservatism. It doesn’t pretend to be anything else.

CNN does. It claims to be “America’s most trusted network.”

But CNN will pick up an anti trump story at the drop of a hat. Zucker has made CNN his personal Trump-bashing medium, and that may be why he is rumored to be out once the AT&T merger is consummated. Under Zucker, CNN’s audience has dwindled as the programming becomes increasingly boring, shallow, and one-sided.

Meanwhile, it will be most interesting to see where this new Russian story goes. So far, none of the MSM has touched it. Maybe there isn’t anything to it. Maybe it’s all a “false flag.” But if there is truth to it, the rest of the media is going to have to go there eventually. Or may they won’t.

Maybe the networks, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Dallas Morning News and other members of the “We Hate Trump” media cabal will report on what they’re interested in. What they’re interested in is removing Trump from office as soon as possible. The Russian-Clinton collusion story holds no attraction for them.

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Video: Sean Hannity On Fox News 10/17/17: Clinton, Obama, Real Russian Collusion On Uranium One Deal


The following are the relevant excerpts from the October 17 edition of FNC’s Hannity:  

HOST SEAN HANNITY: According to new reports tonight from The Hill’s John Solomon and Circa News’ Sara Carter, there are brand-new FBI documents that show the Russian nuclear industry officials kicked back millions and millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation all while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and helped approve the uranium one deal which gave Moscow, Russia, Vladimir Putin control of 20 percent of American uranium, the foundational materials for nuclear weapons.

And tonight, they are also reporting the FBI now has evidence that Russia for years has been doing this and they are reporting the FBI has evidence that literally they used bribery to gain control over America’s uranium industry. All while the Obama administration did nothing. And the Clinton’s benefited to the tune of nearly $145 million. You want a real Russia collusion story? We’ve got it.

HANNITY: Joining us exclusively, John Solomon, he is with The Hill. Sara Carter, Circa News.
Sara, let me start with you. We are talking about bribery, we are talking about blackmail. We are talking about what else that was going on that the Obama Justice Department knew and still gave Putin, Moscow, Russia 20 percent of our uranium and the money goes to the Clinton Foundation. Let’s talk about it.

SARA CARTER, CIRCA NEWS: Well, back in 2009, the FBI was actually approached by a businessman. By an American businessman who said, look, I have information on the Russians. And I am going to give this to you and they said, would you work with us? They came to an agreement. He went inside. For 15 months, Sean, for 15 months, the FBI was investigating the Russian nuclear industry and agency. They knew that there were kickbacks.

They knew that there were bribes and they knew how dangerous this was to national security. And 15 months had passed in the investigation and then CFIUS, 13 members of the governing board approved the Uranium One deal to the Russians. I mean, this was something that I contacted FBI officials tonight. FBI sources that were there during that time. And they said the FBI would have had all of this information.

It would have been their duty on the board, on the CFIUS board to report that information. And so, now what I’m thinking is, if they did report that information, it’s got to be out there. We’ve got to be able to FOIA it. We’ve got to be able to see these documents. And know what was going on and why the United States government decided to approve a deal that would give 20 percent of U.S. uranium assets to Vladimir Putin. There is the connection with Russia.

 HANNITY: Let me go to you, John, and you’re a reporter of The Hill. So, the FBI basically has evidence and the former documents’ e-mails financial records and eyewitnesses proving the Russian’s bribery, kickbacks, extortion and money laundering to secure their Uranium One deal – and about $145 million kicked back to the Clinton Foundation and they knew it in 2009? They knew it before they even approved the deal?

JOHN SOLOMON, THE HILL: Yeah. You said in your opening monologue that the Democrats are concerned. That Russians tampered with our election results in 2016. Well, six years before that, they tampered with our nuclear security. The case proved that the nuclear Russia, Russia’s nuclear industry had bribed their way and compromised the American truck company that moved all of Russia’s uranium in the United States.

That’s a national security threat. And for two years, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton and everybody who has been quoted that said, the Obama administration had no knowledge of a national security threat and that’s why they did not have any problem approving the Uranium One deal. Well, guess what? Tonight, we have a real National Security threat that was proven in real time in 2009 and it’s going to be interesting to see what Congress does tomorrow morning. Chuck Grassley has a hearing with Jeff Sessions on the seat. And I think you might see some interesting questions.

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