The True Meaning of “Lock Her Up” The Clintons have gotten away with so much – for so long, that it makes normal, law-abiding citizens crazy.

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Nov 1, 2016 No Comments ›› admin

By Lynn Woolley

It was somewhat shocking to see a Todd J. Gillman article in the Dallas Morning News attempting to explain the meaning of “Lock Her Up.” This is of course, a frequent chant at Trump rallies and it’s aimed at Hillary Clinton.

Gillman seems think he’s onto a major story by reporting that the chant is NOT hyperbole.

He writes of trump supporters:

“For many, if not most, the view that Clinton is a criminal is not merely campaign season trash talk.”

Most of us do believe that Clinton is a criminal – but the point is larger. Democrats use stories they do not believe – then discard the issue after the opponent is destroyed. A case in point is Herman Cain. When he was on the rise, Democrats produced women to say that he had abused them. After Cain’s candidacy was destroyed, the women disappeared. Hillary’s crimes will never go away.

Video: Published on Oct 10, 2016- TRUMP IN PENNSYLVANIA: Supporters Chant “Lock Her Up”

There are many reasons to chant, “Lock Her Up.”

lock-her-up-shirtThe Mainstream Media (MSM) – being mostly liberal – can’t grasp why anyone would want to lock up Hillary. We could list the Clinton scandals here – but here’s just one that should have had regulators going nuts – Hillary’s Cattle Futures investment.

The Clintons have gotten away with so much – for so long, that it makes normal, law-abiding citizens crazy. If you or I run a stop sign and get caught, we get a ticket and we may be hauled before a judge. The Clintons get caught every single time – and never pay a price. Trump has promised to correct this injustice – and his people express their approval by chanting Lock Her Up!

Gillman operates out of the Washington Bureau and was reporting on reactions from Trump supporters in Michigan.

Meanwhile the Dallas Morning News stands pat.  dmn-still-for-clinton

In an email to the editor, I asked if the News would rescind its full-throated endorsement of Hillary in its Monday or Tuesday edition. The answer came on Tuesday in an article by the Editorial Board:

This newspaper has said that even with her known email troubles, Clinton was by far the superior candidate and best hope for the nation. This new twist has not changed that, even with the questions left by the murky details and manifest unknowns.

So, according to the News, hang the emails. Forget about Cattle Futures, Benghazi, and the home server. Ignore the pathological lying and the money grubbing. Never mind the shady dealings of the Clinton Foundation. Don’t even consider what she might do to the Supreme Court. And please – try not to think about the investigations of the Clintons that will continue long after her inauguration that will almost certainty lead to a Constitutional Crisis.

Even then, will any newspaper write the words Lock Her Up? The answer is – not likely – because liberals running the media are not interested in justice as much as they are in preserving a progressive government.

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